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Peebles Triathlon 2011

Krista. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall
Krista. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall

Well done to Tracy Paterson and Krista Black who continued their successful 2011 triathlon series by competing in the Peebles triathlon.

Place (116) Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Time
Tracy Paterson 60 13:44 01:46 39:01 01:04 25:13 01:20:48
Krista Black 93 15:26 02:21 46:10 01:44 21:23 01:27:04

Tracy said: “Part of the Borders Triathlon series, the Peebles sprint triathlon promised great scenery on the cycle and run and we really lucked out on the weather. The event also hosted a ‘come and try’ super sprint event for novices, so it was an event suitable for all abilities. My pool swim wasn’t terribly enjoyable this time, with the bunch of us in our lane crowding up quite soon after the start. I was overtaken on the second lap, which tends to annoy me as you wind up overtaking that same person once they start to burn out after 20 laps. This didn’t stop the competitors being really chatty and friendly though. Triathlons are by far the friendliest sporting events I’ve been too. I think it’s all the hanging around you’ve got to do at the beginning; you can’t help but strike up conversation with someone. In T1 we had to run/walk our bikes up a small hill before mounting them, so I decided to trial running barefoot and slipping into my pre-clipped pedals whilst on the moving bike. It was surprisingly easy and especially avoided the penguin waddle walk one tends to do in SPD SL cleats. The cycle was a scenic out-and-back enjoying the beautiful Peeblesshire countryside. Both Krista and I successfully managed to get out of our shoes whilst still clipped in, and dismount the bike to set off down the hill barefoot to T1. Although the run was a scenic 2 laps along both sides of the river Tweed, it was a tough 5km for me. Ironically, running is officially my weakest discipline in triathlon, so I’m going to need to get back to club runs! The day was made complete by the great support from Fraser, and my parents who were visiting from Canada.”


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