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Strathclyde Triathlon 2011

Tracy, 1st in Category, on the podium. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall
Tracy, 1st in Category, on the podium. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall

Well done to both Tracy Paterson and Krista Black who took part in the Strathclyde open water triathlon on Sunday. Both women did really well with Tracy coming first in category and Krista coming tenth in her category. Congratulations. Details below.

Place (111) Cat Pos Swim Bike Run Time
Tracy Paterson 67 1 00:15:38 00:45:09 00:24:17 01:27:13
Krista Black 103 10 00:17:27 00:53:53 00:29:44 01:44:17

Tracy said: “This was Krista’s and my first OW triathlon so it was a bit nerve-wracking at the start, but turned out to be an excellent introduction to OW triathlon. Because the venue also hosted the elite events as part of the British triathlon super series, it was extremely well organised in spite of the weather. The event also hosted a novice triathlon of shorter events. The swim turned out to be a lot easier than expected, but the cycle was fairly tough due to the undulating four-lap course. By the time I was off the bike and running, my feet felt like ice blocks.

This triathlon was a brilliant experience and all the better that Krista was there to calm my usual panic on entering the cold water! Strathclyde Park is a beautiful venue to host the event.”

Krista said: “Tracy and I were up at the crack of dawn for a drive over to GE Strathclyde Park Triathlon in Glasgow on Sunday. We had our bikes racked and ready for 7:15am so it was an early start.

A very well organised race with the novices starting first at 8:40am followed swiftly by the Sprint triathlon. It was the first open water swim event for both of us but it was over remarkably quickly.

The 750 metre swim was followed by a 20 km cycle and 5 km run. Both Tracy and I were pleased with our times, she was first in her category and I was 10th in mine. We are looking forward to our next event in Peebles on June 12th.

I’ve enclosed a photo from the swim, we’re in there somewhere!”

Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall
Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall

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