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Glasgow Women’s 10K 2011


Glasgow Women’s 10k 2011

Well done to Gillian White and Gail Dick who took part in this annual race, held in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. This is Scotland’s biggest single race with over 13,000 entrants and over 10,000 finishers. The weather stayed mostly dry as well! A great friendly event; makes it worth the effort of getting through to the start.

  Place (10,114 Time
Gillian White 2356 00:59:16
Gail Dick 4226 01:04:58

Gillian said: “I had a wee change of plans and ran the Glasgow Ladies 10K today instead of coming along to the ERN run. The clouds were looking pretty dark on the way through but the pre-race rain cleared up and it ended up a warm and humid run. Just the same course as last year, but with more pipers at the km markers. This race does entertainment well, there were drummers, wee bands, pipers, DJs etc all dotted round the course which was great. An enjoyable run, to be recommended. No PB for me though, I was a whole 1 second slower than last year!

I should also mention that the chip was different this year, not a round-your-ankle job, but a strip stuck to the back of your number! Seemed to work OK, my time was accurate compared to my own watch, and there was no de-chipping congestion at the end.


Gail said: “Hi, I’ve attached one photo of me looking a bit drookit at the start line. Like Gillian says, the pre-race rain cleared up just as the race started which was a relief (I stayed in Glasgow the night before and woke to a torrential downpour!). The atmosphere and support from the crowds was fantastic… thanks to the lovely lady who supplied jelly babies at around 7k in Pollok Park (my Gummy Bears had melted in my pocket). I was about 2 mins slower than last year – but managed to run the hill with no break this year, which is progress. Looking forward to it again next year.

Cheers, Gail”

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