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Kilomathon Scotland 2011

Jim Cunningham (345) finishing. Photo courtesy of John Johnston Photography
Jim Cunningham (345) finishing. Photo courtesy of John Johnston Photography

The Kilomathon is a unique running event of 26.2 Kilometres (basically a marathon distance in kilometres instead of miles). This equates to 16.3 miles making it a perfect race distance for a stand-alone challenge or as part of your training for a Marathon. This was the second running of this event (October 2010 for the previous) and the numbers were significantly lower (700 compared to 1,700) which started at Ingliston on the outskirts of Edinburgh and followed a route out via the village of Kirkliston to cross the Forth Road Bridge, back over the bridge again through South Queensferry and up Hawes Brae before turning back to Ingliston via quiet back roads. Not a flat course but the weather was perfect. Well done to all concerned. PBs all round as well!

Place (709) Time
(16K Split)
Stuart Pirnie 76 01:00:57 02:04:08
Fiona Melvin 353 01:11:51 02:28:04
Jim Cunningham 425 01:11:55 02:33:46
Verity Whiteside 531 01:18:11 02:44:43

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Fiona said: “I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a great distance for me – long enough to really stretch me but not the killer distance that a marathon is. The weather was perfect and the route was lovely, although that was probably helped by the weather which was perfect for running – sunny with a light breeze. Running across the bridge was great as the views were amazing and the weather was nice enough to let you appreciate it. The only bad part of the route was the hill on the way back just heading out of South Queensferry, but I had enough steam in me to keep running to the top (all that training around Arthurs Seat!). There were a few more smaller hills to contend with after that but once I got back to Kirkliston I knew it was largely downhill from there so all good from that point. Overall I think it was really well organised, but the numbers did seem light relative to the scale of the organisation. I know they were still taking entries until the middle of last week which suggests they were struggling to hit their targets. However, I would totally recommend it and was on the website today contemplating the London Kilomathon in October. Also, my time was 2h 28min, which I felt pretty good about. I didn’t see any fellow ERNies there on the day, although apart from Mike I wasn’t sure who else was planning to do it.

Take care, Fiona”

Jim said: “Thanks for the photo, the official ones aren’t out yet, i look as if I’m on my last legs, which I was. There is another photo about but I can’t refind it, for some obscure reason I was given a blue number, I was chatting to some chap when the race started and I found myself right at the front, a silly place to be as I spent the next couple of hours being overtaken by everybody till I ended in my rightful place.My shifts have been tough so I haven’t made any of the training nights, most of my running and cycling being done in the mornings but hope to make it along sometime.


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