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Edinburgh Half Marathon 2011

Fi on route to a PB!
Fi on route to a PB!

Well done to all the runners that took part in this year’s event – good turnout by ERNs and friends. The weather was good as was the organisation, marshals were friendly and the route is straightforward and fast. Some fantastic times; congratulations to those that got PBs. Of particular note are those runners that did so well in category; Chris at 13th, Susan at 24th and fast Neil at 25th (and a magnificent 33rd in overall position!) respectively. Very well done to all, superb effort.

Everyone had a great day out. Many thanks to all concerned including the ERN marshals (the six below as well as Clint and Heather-J) and to the supporters (including amongst others, Val, Ceana, Brendan, Elly, Phil, George and Gordon on his bike – much appreciated by the runners).

Place (3,019) Category Cat Pos Time
Neil Page * 33 MSen 25 01:22:24
Graham Scott 468 MSen 265 01:39:59
Anthony Costello 531 MV40 123 01:41:07
Chris March * 582 FV40 13 01:42:05
Zoe Grayson 741 FSen 79 01:44:57
Susan Wiltshire 784 FV40 24 01:46:04
Andrew Duncan 899 MV40 195 01:48:11
Jim Cunningham 1407 MV50 83 01:56:21
Fi Mackenzie 1361 FV40 72 01:56:25
Karen Fitzpatrick 1513 FSen 288 01:57:38
Mike Newton 1648 MV40 302 02:00:15
Verity Whiteside 1763 FSen 363 02:02:19
Ros Derham 1795 FV40 128 02:02:57
Polly Roberts 1943 FSen 439 02:05:42
Laurie Yeaman 2034 FV40 162 02:07:27
Gillian White 2101 FV40 166 02:09:05
Krista Black 2538 FSen 682 02:19:50
Sally Brading 2798 FSen 800 02:32:19

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

* = New ERN Gents Half Marathon Record. * = New ERN Ladies Half Marathon Record

Fi said: “Hey-I managed my very elusive sub 2 today-so very pleased. Neil looked like he’d be in the top 20-he was roasting along and altogether it was a much pleasanter day for the marshals than last year. Lots of support from the crowd and I didn’t have a single “well done Lasswade” at all! See you soon.


Gillian White said: “I thought it felt like a well organised race…despite the lack of water at the first water stop (thankfully the next stop had plenty) and the possible route miscalculation (many Garmins were reporting a distance of 13.4m). I had a great run, I was hoping for a PB and was thrilled to finish even quicker than I hoped. Many thanks to the marshals and our supporters, a wee cheer and a wave really helps me round!


Chris said: “Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported us doing the Ed half today – it was great to hear your cheers, really appreciated your support, particularly towards the end when I was starting to flag. It was a great day. I took it steady after consultation with my physio on Thursday after a diagnosis of tendonitis down the side of my foot – best advice ever, just kept going steady, checked my times at 3, 5 and 10 miles and I was running just under 8 miles per hour pace. And what a crackin’ day for it too! The weather was superb – warmish and no wind. It was great to see so many ERN folks supporting in just the right places – and special thanks to Gordon who was out on his bike and supporting us – must be the only bloke I know who has told me t…o stop talking and concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing (ie running) … and got away with it!! New pb for me – about 2 mins faster than Lisbon last year so had a bucketful of champers this eve (any excuse!). Thanks all.


Anthony said: “Hi, I had a great day and my run was almost perfect (for a fresher) except for spending too much energy on the gradient up to the turn at Preston Pans, and struggled from then on in. But didn’t stop and lovely feeling crossing the line. I suppose, as its my first Half Marathon, my time is a PB, too!

ps…at the moment struggling to move with stiffly aching muscles!

Best Wishes,


Mike said: “Today’s excellent conditions were such a fabulous contrast to the miserable weather we had last year! My decision to get rid of my beard the night before was spot on! ;o)

I’d been thinking that a new PB for the half was a possibility today and I set off with that in mind. Fi and I kept each other company for a lot of the first half, and at a good PB pace, but she eased ahead as we left Musselburgh. My pace slowed on the gradual climb to Prestonpans, but I plodded on and waited for the turnaround point to arrive, thinking I’d be able to increase my pace again on the return journey. That turnaround point proved to be a long time coming, as it was further along the road than it was last year, plus, as I approached the turn, my right achilles/calf started to complain bitterly about something or other. I gritted my teeth and hoped that it would fade as it had done when I felt twinges from it for a half mile section of Portobello Prom. It only got worse however, and my pace dropped right off! I walked occasionally to stretch it, but that wasn’t helping for very long and the last couple of miles were very frustrating and I was glad to see the finish. While nowhere near my worst ever half marathon, this one started off so promisingly! Never mind, there’s always next year!

An excellent, well organised and marshalled event. The great weather brought out lots of support too. Highly recommended!

I am pleased to report that the injury doesn’t appear to be an achilles problem and I hope that a massage on Wednesday afternoon will sort it out. It does look like I may not be racing next weekend tho’, and I was really looking forward to running over the Forth Road Bridge and up Hawes Brae again! ;o)


Zoe said: “Really enjoyed the day, great atmosphere and brilliant to have so much support from ERN both in and on the sidelines of the race! My time was a PB too, last half I actually raced (in 2004!) was 2.02. The training seems to be working, and am feeling ready as I’ll ever be for the main event…4 weeks, aargh!!

See you soon


Andrew said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Edinburgh Half. It was great to have so much support all the way from fellow ERN’ers so thanks to everybody. The second half was definitely the most challenging following the long road out to Prestonpans and back but the reception inside the race course was great. I’m looking forward to running a few more!!

Cheers, Andy”

Sally said: “Hi, my first half marathon so yes it was a PB! It was such a rush to take part, the atmosphere & encouragement from the crowd was energising!! Thanks also to the people spraying us with water when the beautiful sunshine hit us at the 9th mile, I needed cooling down!


Some photos: (thanks to Fi, Brendan and the Gillians)

Gillian, Ellie, Heather-G, Adrienne, Emma and Claire
Gillian, Ellie, Heather-G, Adrienne, Emma and Claire

Gillian Grant said: “Hi, attached is a photo of a team of highly trained and motivated ERN marshals taken at some ungodly hour on Sunday prior to the Edinburgh half marathon. But then the sun came out and it turned into a fun experience apart from the 4 runners who collapsed on our sector. Bit scary but luckily they were all just dehydrated not seriously ill. Think we spotted most of the ERN runners and they looked like they were having a good day out as well. Would marshal again. It’s a whole different experience to running it but just as satisfying in some ways. Cheers, Gillian.”

Heather-J: Alpha Sector Supervisor
Heather-J: Alpha Sector Supervisor

Heather Jones said: “I had as much fun volunteering this year as running the half last year. Possibly more as this year it was sunny, no sleet. And I had a walkie talkie gadget to play with too. 🙂 Heather.”

The following photos are courtesy of Sandy Wallace.

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