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The Deerstalker 5k (and the rest) / The Mighty Deerstalker 10k (and then some) 2011

Vicky, Frank and Emily
Vicky, Frank and Emily

The Mighty Deerstalker (10km) and Deerstalker (5km) are a wee bit different! These are off-road races involving steep terrain, water, obstacles, rock and scree as well as darkness in the case of the 10km race. You’re encouraged to wear your finest country best. This year Neil and Jo (both 10km), Emily (5km) along with her friends Vicky and Frank, took part. Congratulations and well done to all concerned. Any race where the anticipated finish times are up to 4 hours for the 10km deserves respect.

The Mighty Deerstalker 10K Race

Place (1673) Time
Neil Aitken 620 02:16:27
Jo Tennant 965 02:36:34

The Deerstalker 5K Race

Place (574) Time
Emily Alston 437 01:46:40
Vicky Baird 438 01:46:43

Emily said: “Yes – just me and Vick (and my friend Kim’s husband Frank who did really well, coming in in about 55mins), as our team of six took a bit of a hit because of illness, pregancy etc (and it was a six nations weekend!).

It was a really great day again. My third go at it as you know and a PB for Vick and I as we finished in 1hr 46mins, our previous best being just over two hours, so a big improvement. We could tell we were going alot better because when we got to the top of the hill there were still plenty of other people there, whereas in previous years we’ve been on our own by then. That spurred us on and we made a good charge back down the hill and through the rivers back to the event village. The course was superbly muddy due to the rain last week, but the man made ditches were less alarming than the previous year, so more people kept their shoes on, for the first part at least! Great fun and as always highly recommended.

Vicky, Frank and Emily with the little 'stalkers; Vicky's son Ollie and Frank's boys Ben and Oscar!
Vicky, Frank and Emily with the little ‘stalkers;
Vicky’s son Ollie and Frank’s boys Ben and Oscar!

Frank is keen to go for the night run next year but I think the 5k is plenty for me, its not the distance that puts me off so much as the darkness, I have enough trouble co-ordinating myself over the rough terrain in the daylight when I can see where I am going, I’m sure I’d break a leg! Never say never though… I’ll have to have a chat to Jo about it!”5543803272_0d318eb740_o

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