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Inverness Half Marathon 2011


Congratulations to Gillian Grant and Adrienne Murray on their efforts in the Inverness Half despite the challenging weather. Of particular note is Adrienne’s PB, her second this year (the Lasswade 10 miler being the other).

Place (1,122) Time
Gillian Grant 940 02:12:50
Adrienne Murray 948 02:13:31

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Gillian said: “Hi, safely back from the half marathon in Inverness on Sunday. Attached photo shows what the weather was like on the way up. Enough said !! Just as well it starts at a nice warm leisure centre where 1,200 runners prowled about in fleecies and bin bags awaiting the 1pm start. First 3 miles are out along the canal then a big loop through some lovely forest paths followed by two or three miles running through a housing estate which is a bit bizarre then back to base on the same 3 miles we started with. No snow while we were running but it was cold wet and slippy in parts. Never has the coffee and hot showers been so welcome. Quality medal, nice grey T shirt and a goodie bag with the usual assortment of cereal bars and leaflets were our reward for our efforts. Adrienne got a PB 2 13 31 and I did it in 2 12 59.

2 photos attached that I took of Adrienne in the most scenic bits of the course and the obligatory post race pose one!




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