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Smokies Ladies 10 Mile Road Race 2011




The ladies – Elly, Gillian, Ellie, Laura, Tracy, Krista, Jo, Teresa, Zoe and Fi on camera

A group of 10 ladies travelled north to Arbroath to take part in the Smokies 10 Mile Road race. This is a popular annual ladies-only race held on an undulating course on the outskirts of the town. The weather stayed fine with some good times being posted. An excellent event enjoyed by all. Well done – they will be back next year!

Place (293) Time
Zoe Grayson 42 01:21:11
Laura Jenkins 90 01:26:49
Fi Mackenzie 112 01:29:06
Tracy Paterson 126 01:30:14
Teresa O’Dwyer 154 01:32:28
Jo Forbes 201 01:37:04
Elly Mackenzie 225 01:39:40
Gillian White 257 01:44:22
Krista Black 263 01:45:55
Ellie Barnard 271 01:48:20

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Gillian said: “What a lovely race I had today! …if a bit chilly! The first half(ish) was more humply and uphill than I was expecting but there was compensation in the form of some stunning views, and then, for me, a faster second half. It was my first smaller club race, with trays of rolls & cakes afterwards – fab! Definitely one to be recommended!


Zoe said: “Yes it was a PB. I had just been using my regular wristwatch to guage my time, which isn’t v easy to read. I thought I was on for a similar time for last year (1.27) and was pretty mad about this given all my training, so really dug in the last couple of miles to shave off as much as poss. So I was pretty surprised to see 1.20 at the line! And v pleased…I needed the reinforcement that the training must be paying off. I also felt a lot less hideous post-finish line this year compared to last.

You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve finally ordered a Garmin, so such guesstimating errors shouldn’t happen again! (Although bizarrely the old watch did me a favour!). It was a good race as usual, nice route round the country lanes (tho the first half is pretty much one steady hill); followed by yummy food, some good merchandise and a great raffle. They were so slow at getting round to this, that most people had gone, thus increasing our chances of winning greatly! Out of the 3 of us in my car, 2 won – Teresa sweatshop vouchers, and Claire (a friend of mine)…a Smokie! Brilliant. Will attach pic 🙂

See you soon,

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