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Lasswade 10 Mile Road Race 2011

Heather and Susan on route. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall
Heather and Susan on route. Photo courtesy of Bob Marshall

A bright, dry and cool day welcomed a full field to this popular and friendly early season event. One of ERN’s favourites and one of our Race-of-the Quarter’s, it lived up to the billing. The organisation is excellent, the course is scenic, stunning in places (if a bit humply) and Lasswade AC and their helpers are very friendly and welcoming. This year there were 10 ERNs with a number running their first 10 mile race (hence a PB!). All had a great event and the (renowned) spread afterwards was well received. Many thanks to Lasswade AC for a great event; we’ll be back next year. Highly recommended.

Place (377) Category Time
Phil Humphries 113 MV40 01:09:35
Murdo Macleod 242 MV50 01:20:42
Susan Wiltshire 245 FV45 01:21:02
Heather Giovanni 246 FV35 01:21:11
Stephen Garland 251 MV40 01:21:59
Andrew Duncan 273 MV40 01:24:09
Mike Newton 314 MV40 01:29:02
Joanna Tennant 347 FSen 01:35:22
Gillian Grant 360 FV45 01:39:54
Adrienne Murray 363 FV45 01:40:16

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

ERN Ladies Team: 4th Overall
ERN Mens Team: 16th Overall

Mike said: “The Lasswade 10 mile Road Race, 450 runners, chilly, breezy conditions… and lots of hills!

A very well organised and friendly event. From the excellent signing directing you to registration from several miles away and the same around the course, the friendly, encouraging marshalls and officials and the efficient registration to the excellent post-race buffet, this was a very ‘pleasant’ way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday!

I had been quite pessimistic when predicting what my race pace might be going into this event. Never mind that it was a very hilly route, I had no idea what to expect from myself given how variable some of my recent long run pace has been. I’ve said I’d be happy to go under 1:35 as I thought that averaging 9:30 min/mile was about all I could expect on this course. So no pressure then!

As the race starts on a hill, I felt no inclination to start out too quickly and jogged away from the start line before settling into a comfortable pace for the first mile and was pleasantly surprised to see 8:46 for the split. Half a mile later, the route then drops rapidly into Roslin Glen and, not surprisingly, the pace was faster, my second split was 7:41! I had a handy buffer, and knowing what was coming after we reached the lowest point on the course, I’d need it, as the second half of mile 3 climbs over 50m out of the glen! 1.5 miles to recover from that before the next climb, a twisty, 2 mile section which rises almost continually, or appears to, with another hill around every bend! Almost over the top at the 6 mile marker and a long, almost flat straight section gives some welcome respite and the chance to close the gap on some who were faster on the climb. A couple of sips of water at the only water stop on the course and we’re going downhill again, at last! I was much more comfortable now and managed to maintain a good pace, for me, for most of the next two miles. The route then brought us back into the town and we got to within a few meters of the start line, at which point the route cruelly turns a corner and we head off into the country again. This final mile and a bit undulates and twists with the finish nowhere in sight until a “Finish 400m” sign appears, then one for 200m and finally you see the Finish banner against the tree line as you round the last bend!

Done! Garmin says 1:28:50, distance 9.9 miles, avg pace 8:58! Happy bunny! ;o)

Highly Recommended, especially if you like hills!

N.B. Only one complaint, and there is nothing the organisers can do about it! Some of the roads and footways are in a terrible state. I’d have seen and enjoyed a lot more of the scenery if I hadn’t had to watch where I was putting my feet so much of the time!


Gillian Said: “Was a cracking day out though. Bus driver to Rosewell must have wondered why about 20 runners jumped on the half nine bus out of Edinburgh. It got us there in loads of time to collect numbers, dump kit, prowl around etc. Race was good if challenging. Haven’t done it for about three years so I’d forgotten about all the hills in the last five miles. Every time I puffed to the top of one I could see runners in front of me heading up yet another one. Happy days !! Most undulating course of any race I’ve ever done. But the views and scenery are amazing and the marshals were very supportive. Last two miles were more or less downhill which was great and by dint of busting a gut in the last mile managed to finish in 1 39 45 (watch time) which will do me on a course like that.

Cheers, Gillian”

Andrew said: “Thanks, yes my time was a PB. As for the race, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was challenging with inclines round nearly every corner but the scenery was superb.

Also the race was very friendly and well organised. Finally I thought the camaraderie amongst the runners was great too. When I was going over the last 400 metres the lady running alongside was encouraging me to go faster!

Cheers, Andy”

Susan said: “So, we got fourth place women’s team, not bad!!

I dreamed I ran the whole thing again!

Worst moment: Waiting for it to start in the freezing cold. So cold, I couldn’t hold my tea without spilling it.

Stupidest moment: Not taking a drink on the run.

Funniest moment: Accidentally throwing the water in my face at the drinking station on account of failure to stop.

Most decadent moment: Throwing cup on the floor.

Best moment: Getting to the top of all the hills.


Stephen said: “That was a PB for me although purely on the grounds that never raced that distance before. really interesting race, with all the hills you’re either flying or dying! hopefully a good training run for the marathon and was happy with my time on that basis. Good turn out of ERN’s and i’m sure were all cheered along like i was by the shouts of “come on Lasswade” – hadn’t appreciated just how close our club colours are! all in all a pretty good event; great views, well organised, good food afterwards and blisters that even my kids were impressed with “wow dad is that blood?”!

Regards Stephen”

Some photos: Many thanks to Nicola and Bob Marshall

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