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Limassol Half Marathon 2011 – Cyprus



While on holiday in Cyprus Murdo discovered that there was a half marathon on and, as it would have been rude not to, took the opportunity and signed up. The previous week had been glorious but there was a thunderstorm the night before that just cleared in time for the event. There was also a full marathon, 10km and 5km races all starting within 10 minutes of each other and sharing the same route. The route is a flat out-and-back along the main seaside street on closed roads; plenty of water stops, curious mixture of bemused but enthusiastic tourists and a strong headwind on the way back – happy days.

Place (272) Cat Pos Time
Murdo Macleod 130 10 01:55:39

There were 205 in the marathon, 272 in the half marathon, 312 in the 10km and 359 in the 5km. Entry was easy on line. Picked up the number (with embedded chip) and t-shirt the previous day. Start was a bit chaotic not helped by the foul weather. The divisions between the four event-pens wasn’t that clear with only stewards with hand-held markers as guides. Nevertheless, a nice friendly event, good start to the year. Happy with my time given my lack of training and the weather. Murdo.

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