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New Year’s Day Edinburgh parkrun 2011

Fi and Brendan
Fi and Brendan

Well done to the ERNs and friends that managed to get out of their scratchers on Ne’er’s morning to take part in a running event. Firstly, there was the 5km Parkrun at 0930 where 5 ERNs took part, then it was a quick drive (or run if you’re Phil!) to Portobello for the 4 mile Promathon at 1130 where 11 were part of the 237 finishers (Phil, Fi and Brendan did both races!). The weather was mild and dry, a change from the last few snowy weeks, and these were a great way to start the year. Well done again to the runners, the organisers of both events and to those that came out to support and cheer.

Place (131) Time
Phil Humphries 21 00:20:14
Fi Mackenzie 97 00:27:34
Brendan Brodie 98 00:27:34
Elly Mackenzie 117 00:31:02
Heather Jones 128 00:34:25

All photos courtesy of Bob Marshall (at Picasa)

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