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Sri Chinmoy Williamstown Foreshore 10K 2010 – Melbourne, Australia

The place to be!
The place to be!

While we have been slipping, sliding and generally freezing in the Scottish weather of late, Ally McDonald has been taking advantage of the Australian summer to take part in a 10km race out there. Good time posted (and he wasn’t even trying!) and great to hear that he and his family are getting on so well. All the best for Christmas and the New Year to Ally, Mel and Isla (and Eilidh and Brendan) from all your friends at ERN.

Place (340) Gender Pos Category Cat Pos Time
Ally McDonald 41 38 MSen 29 00:42:16

Ally said: “Hi, decided to run the Sri Chinmoy Williamstown run yesterday. It was a last minute decision; in fact I was trying to decide if it was worth getting out of bed on Sunday morning.

I have been running some good times at 5 Km since my injury, however, decided the 10 Km would improve me a bit. I ran in 42m 16s on a flat course with decent conditions (a bit windy though). I didn’t over do it, just ensured I finished comfortably. So there is a bit of improvement to come, it is just a pity there is no handy runs for a while.

Work has been mad recently. I got promoted to a management position. However, I am starting to regret taking it.

Isla is growing fast, she is wild and very cheeky. I took her to Werribee zoo the other day and she loved it. She wasn’t that bothered about looking at the animal, just playing in the puddles kept her amused.

Take Care and have a great Christmas,


Some Photos: (courtesy of Sri Chinmoy website)

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