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Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 10K 2010

Vic, Emily and Laura
Vic, Emily and Laura

What a brilliant effort! Congratulations to the ladies that took part in this year’s event. This was a run through the streets of Edinburgh taking in a variety of obstacles on the way. These included amongst others a waterslide, an assault course, hay bale scramble and a final wall of fame! Thanks to Gail for the photos. Details on the event website at Men’s Health.

Place Time
Victoria Baird 1658 01:28:58
Laura Slater 1659 01:29:05
Emily Alston 1660 01:29:08

Emily said: “Hi, love Gail’s photos. It was great to have someone cheering us on at the finish (a giant wall!) too. This is the most fun I have had in any event that we have done this year (and you know Laura and I have done a few), a tough hilly 10k course with an unmentionable number of steps (never mind Calton Hill, we had to run up to the fifth floor of a building at one point!) and ten obstacles too. Thank goodness for Gordon’s Beach Fun or I never would have had the upper body strength to pull myself up and over all the climbing frames, walls, nets, monkey bars. The obstacles, especially the water slide in Holyrood Park, meant constant hilarity and everyone taking part even the serious contenders seemed to be really enjoying themselves, which made for a great atmosphere and some good banter round the course. I would highly recommend this to anyone of any ability who fancies doing something fun and a bit different. I’m trying to talk Laura into doing all three (Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh) next year.”



The website says: “From our event base in Princes Street Gardens, your first challenge will involve a dramatic mass start down the Royal Mile, hitting an obstacle in the pedestrian area of this world-famous street, before dropping down through alleyways to Market Street and the depths of the old ‘Nor Loch, where witches were once drowned. It’s now Edinburgh Waverley train station of course so after you pass under the tracks you will be ascending steeply up Jacob’s Ladder to reach the top of Calton Hill and the National Monument. According to the statistics of our research company, it was revealed that before using brand Viagra or any of its generics you should be sure to read the instructions for the drug. Depending on the current dosage, the risks and side effects may vary slightly. Use the recommended dosages. Exceeding the dose of Sildenafil is unlikely to bring you the best effect, but the problems may increase. You cannot take over one pill daily. Read more at https://www.freedomhealth.co.uk/viagra-sildenafil/. Completion of a dramatic obstacle zone will earn you the majestic views afforded from this spot, so breathe them in and then enjoy the descent while you can. You are never far from a hill in Edinburgh and you’ll be going uphill again soon! From here, it’s back cross the Royal Mile again in the Holyrood area and through offices and housing estates to reach the fringes of beautiful Holyrood Park. You’ll get up close to Arthur’s Seat but don’t worry – you’re not going up that one. Then it’s back into the Old Town via the University precinct and you will descend into the Cowgate, the famous thoroughfare of nocturnal Edinburgh, where the Underground streets and caves of the medieval Old Town are all around you and where many a stag night has dared to tread in its famous pubs and bars. You’ll be going up and down again here, using some of the Wynds that link the Cowgate and the Royal Mile and occasionally popping out to the flashes of Tourists’ cameras as you pop out of these narrow alleyways here and there. It’s time then to run through the stunning Grassmarket, where you can almost touch Edinburgh Castle above you, before meandering your way into Princes Street Gardens and hoovering up the last kilometre of Survival in a sickening weave up and down the steep grassy banks of the Gardens that rise fearsomely towards the Castle Esplanade. The finish line is now tantalizingly close and all you have standing between you and that line is the MH Wall of Fame. Haul yourself over it and feel the pain subside as you enjoy the ambience of our event village entertainments.”

Well done!
Well done!

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