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Cancer Research UK 10K 2010 – Hopetoun House

Caroline, Val, Chris and Les
Caroline, Val, Chris and Les

Well done to Val Beattie, Caroline (Val’s pal), Chris March and Les McIntosh who took part in this Cancer Research 10Km Run. The course starts in front of Hopetoun House and then loops around the Deer Park, before coming back along the Sea Wall through the Preservation Trust Land and back to the main house. A lovely scenic course, well organized event and for a good cause. Also, many thanks to Eirwen and Catherine for going along to support. Much appreciated.

Eirwen said: “I just wanted to send you a selection of photos from the 10k today at Hopetoun House. I’m sure Val, Chris and Les will tell you all about it from a runner’s perspective, but from a spectator’s point of view it looked like a great fun race, although a tad on the chilly side. We bumped into Catherine at the end as well – she had been spectating while her boyfriend had been running.

In the pics you’ll see Val and her friend Caroline (with the red hair) Chris and Les (the photos of Chris are all a bit blurry as she was running so fast !). I have no idea who was inside the Bananaman or Doc the dwarf costumes, but thought I’d include those for a laugh!



Chris said: “Some would call it ‘humply’, others ‘undulating’, others, like me would say, ‘lots of ups and downs’. But others – like Les – would say, ‘That’s one of the best 10ks I’ve ever done!’. Quite an accolade from someone who professes not to enjoy running … so, what is it about the HH 10k that deserves this honour…

‘Variety’ could be the word – you start in front of the majestic HH and run off down the driveway. Not too long before it’s feeling very rural as you hit a grassy field making sure you don’t splat into a cowpat or sheep dropping. All feels well until about 2k when you realise – oh – the hill we drove down earlier – I’d suspected we’d be running up it! A full kilometre of it. At this point my nose was running faster than my legs – delightful when there’s no Kleenex at hand! I did spot one or two of the ‘elites’ walking so I didn’t feel so bad about being overtaken.

3k passed quickly to 4k and then 5k which saw us running through lovely tree lined lanes bursting with colour – just as I was admiring the fauna I realised what was ahead of me – we were back at the grassy field from earlier. Oh – I thought – do we do it twice? The memory of ‘that hill’ still in my legs. None of it – ‘variety’ is our word. This time you zig-zagged up the (hilly) field with some serious cowpat jumping (me – not the cowpats!) and move your way to the 7k mark and the closer grounds of HH and beautiful wooded areas – what a delight!

8k saw my energy levels start to founder so it was lovely to see Eirwen and Scott who’d come out to cheer us on. And if that wasn’t enough to put a spring in my step at 8.5k you turn a corner and WOW! The most amazing views of the Firth of Forth to run alongside. Awesome! Equally so, the finish – right back where we started in front of the House. Within a minute or so of finishing I was greeted with a warming hug by Catherine who was also supporting Sammy, her partner (who did an incredible 46 min run!). It was great to see folks out on such a cold day – it must have been freezing hanging around! So big thanks to you all!

This isn’t an easy course – as Les says, you really need to train for this and do some ‘off road’ running. And it certainly isn’t a run if you are looking to do a PB – unless your name is Sammy! As one of the Cancer Research runs it is also more expensive than the usual club events. But it was extremely well organised, very well marshalled and most of all one of those runs which reminded me why we run races – good for the mind, body and soul – and getting to run round some stunning places and scenery which you wouldn’t normally be able to. I’d certainly recommend it for anyone who is looking for some ‘variety’ from the usual road race!


Some photos: (with thanks to Eirwen)

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