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Melbourne Half Marathon 2010 – Melbourne, Australia

Eilidh Grigg
Eilidh Grigg

And now some news from the other side of the world where Eilidh Grigg took part in the Melbourne Half Marathon and, despite a cold, getting a stunning PB. Eilidh finished 705 out of 7,851 finishers! Brilliant effort and topped off with a good Scottish style fry-up. Great to hear she’s going so well and you can read her report and see some photos below.

Place (7,851) Time
Eilidh Grigg 705 01:37:14

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Eilidh said: “Hi, this is definitely a PB for me, sending photos on the same day as the race and before I pop them on Facebook, a world exclusive!! We have a new computer that is almost a pleasure to download photos on so that helps!

Anyway, I will give you a wee update of the run. Not unlike Paris I came down with a cold a week before and just when I thought I was getting over it, it came back with a bang on Saturday and I was downing Sudafed and ploughing through hankies like they were going out of fashion. So last night and this morning I was steaming my head with boiling water and eucalyptus oil! On the plus side the blockage of sinuses seemed to also stop the butterflies from taking grip, and I was the least nervous I have ever been. So the race started at 8am in the city and we toddled off on a wee tour of the city before finishing in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) this is a very famous stadium in Melbourne and where all the Ashes cricket and aussie footy is played so a nice finish to the run. My running club Malvern Harriers turned out to see the few of us running which was very nice and ensured I held good posture while running past the coach! I hit 5k at 21.45 (faster than any of my 5km botanic garden races!) and 10K at 44 minutes something so I was doing better than had hoped. After that I couldn’t see any markers but felt great until just after I passed the last Malvern supporter. I hit the wall at 17km and really struggled over the last few KM’s meaning my sprint finish in the MCG wasn’t quite as grand as I had hoped but still managed to beat some very tall guy who took the hump to a lassie passing him!! The Aussies are pretty rubbish with their goody bags, this one being the best so far with some Gatorade, an apple, a banana and a tin of tuna! So we shot off hope for some Lorne sausage, black pudding, and fruit pudding on the BBQ. Needless to say my eyes were bigger than my belly and I couldn’t eat most of it!

Oh so oops my time was 1.37.06 on my clock official times tomorrow I think, so a PB for me. I think I mentioned in my last email that the running coach had given me a row for entering as he didn’t think I was fit enough after a half we did 4 weeks ago where I did just under 1.41. He thought I should drop out and concentrate on track running but as I had paid my $80 and heard folk talking about how good it was I was dammed if I was going to drop out, even he made me feel rubbish!! Two weeks ago I beat him at a 15km hilly race so I think he changed his mind then, and told me to aim for 1.36. So I just missed it but with a cracker head cold, that’s not too bad. Oh and guess what?? No blisters at all, just very black toes which I might have to get seen to. So we have our ‘end of winter’ club dinner tonight and then it’s on to summer stuff on the track which should be interesting. I have my Mum and Dad arriving at the end of November till mid January so not sure how much I will get in but I will give it a shot anyway.

Ill send the photos in 2 batches in case it doesn’t get through, you will see B got some ones of the lead runner in his beanie and then the local police riding alongside, brilliant!

Well I hope your well, any more running plans in interesting places? I look forward to hearing all about Geneva. Better take Mouse for a walk.

Cheerie Exxx”

Some photos:

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