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Kilomathon Scotland 2010

The Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Bridge from South Queensferry on a grey Sunday morning
The Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Bridge from South Queensferry on a grey Sunday morning

The Kilomathon is a unique running event of 26.2 Kilometres (basically a marathon distance in kilometres instead of miles). This equates to 16.3 miles making it a perfect race distance for a stand-alone challenge or as part of your training for a Marathon. The world’s first Kilomathon took place between Nottingham and Derby on 14th March 2010 and gathered over 5000 entrants. The second race was the Scottish Kilomathon which started at Ingliston on the outskirts of Edinburgh and followed a route out via the village of Kirkliston to cross the Forth Road Bridge, back over the bridge again through South Queensferry and up Hawes Brae before turning back to Ingliston via quiet back roads. Not a flat course and the weather on the day was a bit dreich and drizzly. However, six ERNs took part in this first Scottish event and Phil, Murdo and Fi turned up to support in South Queensferry hiding underneath a cafe umbrella drinking coffee. As a Brucey bonus, everyone got a PB as well!

Place (1,6844) Time
(16K Split)
Stephen Garland 567 01:24:21 02:22:10 1
Ellie Mackenzie 1313 01:35:49 02:49:31 1
Mike Newton 1335 01:37:01 02:51:47 1
Gillian White 1450 01:44:00 02:58:53 1
Geni Smyth 1604 01:54:14 03:16:15 1
Laura Slater 1617 01:53:45 03:18:03 1

1 = First race over the distance. PB = Personal best time over the distance.

Gillian said: “Very happy with the Kilomathon! I was worried it was all going to go wrong before we got started though as it took so long to get into Ingliston…not sure what the problem was, or if it was just volume of traffic but wasn’t a great start. It was all good once we got past that though, well organised, plentiful water stops and the weather was great, cool, a bit drizzly and not at all blowy on the bridge. It’s not a flat course but, with the exception of Hawes Brae, I’d say it’s mostly gentle hills so is really OK. My run went well, particularly up to Hawes Brae, but I found it more difficult after that, but somehow managed a good steady pace – chuffed! Great goodie bag, the biggest haul of goodies I’ve had so far, long-sleeved cotton T-shirt and fabulous medal that I had placed around my neck. Many thanks to the supporters who came out to cheer.


Elly said: “After all the hype, the first Edinburgh Kilomathon is now over.  It was an early start of 8am and a lesson to be learned for next year – arrive early.  We thought arriving for 7.15/7.20 would give us plenty of time to sort our stuff, toilet queues etc however we had not bargained on the queues to get into Ingliston.  The Police appeared to take over and just ushered everyone into the field to avoid the tailbacks at Newbridge roundabout and the A8.  However once inside there was plenty of space and with 5 minutes to spare, we headed to our colour coded area.  It didn’t feel like there were a lot of people running, however once the hooter went and we started to head out of Ingliston, you could see everyone ahead.  Plenty of water stops/gels/sports drinks on route, and portaloos, however if they are expecting more people next year, may need to arrange for a few more portaloos on route – queues at them all!  Weather managed to stay dryish, one shower but it was not heavy and there was no wind so was still very mild. (Although the photos in the Scotsman would have you believe otherwise!)

Around the 8km mark we saw Elaine, Phil and Fiona who had cycled out from Leith to cheer us on and were thrown our cast off jumpers!  Then it was over the bridge – first time I have been a pedestrian over the bridge – must do it again sometime and enjoy the view!  However we did see the fastees on the other side of the bridge heading south to South Queensferry.  Was looking out for some ERN vests and saw Stephen heading south as we were heading north for the turn around and then saw Gillian heading north as we were heading south over the bridge.  Then down into South Queensferry – luckily I was running with a local so a quick toilet stop on the High Street (watch out for the cobbles) and off we went towards Hawes Brae!  Passing Fiona, Phil, Murdo & Elaine on route with another cheer of “looking good”. My plan of having my gel at Hawes Brae paid off and I was able to walk up the “hill” and then back to running to the top where George was waiting to give myself and Ali a big hug.  We then went back through Dalmeny towards Kirkliston and joined up on the road we had headed out from Ingliston.

All in all it ran very smoothly for a first event. We received our medal, water and banana at finish and our goody bag consisted of a long sleeve cotton t-shirt, crisps, various cereal bars, moisturiser and other bits and pieces.

Would I do it again? Possibly – for a training session before a marathon I think it is a good set up. Will I now consider doing a marathon – will still need to think about that one!


Mike said : “Apart from the 8:00am start, the queues to get into the car park and a bit of drizzle, I thoroughly enjoyed the first running of Kilomathon Scotland. Despite some trepidation about going into a 16 mile race on about 4 hours sleep, (bloody neighbours!), I managed to maintain my target pace for the first 10 miles. However the lack of sleep, and the South Queensferry High Street cobbles, began to take its toll and any ideas that I could run up Hawes Brae went out the window, despite the welcome encouragement from ERN members at Hawes Pier, thanks guys! I ran-walked the remainder of the route, telling myself I would do better in next year’s race.

A highly recommended event, though rated humply+! ;o) Well organised, friendly and encouraging marshals and supporters, big chunky medal, and the biggest goody bag of the year! I counted fifteen items, including the long sleeved shirt, lots of snacks, chewing gum, deodorant, blister plaster and several skin care product samples. I don’t know if I’ll use the one with the foundation in it tho’! ;o)
Definitely one for next year’s race calendar, and we don’t have to wait 12 months either! It is moving to a spring date, 17 April, five weeks before the Edinburgh Marathon. With luck it will see more entrants than the 1700 who completed it this time round.


Some photos:

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