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Great Scottish Run Half Marathon and 10K 2010

The start in George Square, Glasgow
The start in George Square, Glasgow

The Glasgow half marathon and 10km races are justifiably popular and this year was no different. Around 9,000 and 8,000 runners took part in each race respectively and while the weather was a bit humid at times, it stayed dry throughout, with a good turn-out from ERNs and friends. The routes start at George Square and finish at Glasgow Green and the runs are very well organised, friendly and scenic. If you haven’t considered these races before, give them a go. They are great early autumn events and are highly recommended. Well done in particular to all those that ran a half marathon for the first time and/or got a PB. Thanks also to Tracy for going through to support and take photos – much appreciated. See you next year.

Great Scottish Run 10K
Place (7,898) Time
Emily Alston 4252 01:03:36
Gail Dick 5299 01:08:18
Great Scottish Run Half Marathon
Place (8,938) Time
Stuart Pirnie 1841 01:46:02
Claire Duthie 1981 01:47:00
Jo Forbes 3385 01:55:17
Jo Parry 3507 01:56:01
Jim Cunningham 3738 01:57:10
Stephen Garland 4192 01:59:35
Karen Urquhart 4314 02:00:11
Eirwen Campbell 4639 02:02:15
Giuliano Brocatto 5378 02:07:00
Gillian Grant 5480 02:07:44
Corinne Wiltshire 5817 02:09:55
Adrienne Murray 6359 02:13:51
Deirdre Reid 6323 02:13:37
Emma Silvey 6659 02:16:11
Mike Newton 6856 02:17:56
George Maxwell 7239 02:21:51
Gillian White 7388 02:23:40
Geni Smyth 8227 02:37:44
Laura Slater 8453 02:45:26
* Giuliano’s time wasn’t registered but, based on his own timings and those around him, is a reasonable estimate.

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Gillian White said: “I did the Glasgow Half Marathon this morning, my first half! The first couple of hills weren’t as bad as I’d thought, running over the Kingston Bridge with the motorway cars beeping their horns & waving was great and the hoses were much appreciated further round. I managed to keep a nice steady pace, although the last couple of miles were a struggle, but I made it! Nice to see so many familiar faces, before, during and after. My friend who kindly came along to cheer me over the final stretch also brought her camera so I’ve attached a pic with post-race shiny medals!”

Jo Forbes said: “The Glasgow Half is always a welcomed race, I ran it with my dad (as usual) and really enjoyed it! It is a busy race but I always feel that there’s plenty of space for everyone, plus they also put on more music (bands/dj’s) along the way, especially in Pollock Park which was brilliant! Dry but humid weather so can’t really complain, amazing support and plenty water stations. The route is varied and a bit hilly in places, nothing too bad though and the course also takes in part of Glasgow’s parkrun through Pollock Park which is a lovely tree lined course. Overall a very successful race and an amazing time for me mainly due to my dad’s encouragement and determination!”

Gillian Grant said: “Hi, Up bright and early to head for Glasgow on a train stuffed full of runners all heading for the Glasgow half Marathon. Starts in George Square, two minutes from the train station which is handy. Nowhere at the start to leave kit (bad) but loads of loos and a great sound system playing inspirational music (good). Staggered start meant a clear run right from the start even though 9,000 runners were taking part. Lot of ERN vests in sight at the start. I found the first half really heavy going, very warm and I didn’t get much joy out of running through Glasgow Streets with not a lot of support (may be because I’ve done it so often before the novelty has worn off) but things improved in the second half when we running through one of the bigger Glasgow Parks and the finish in Glasgow Green was good. Even if I did spend rather longer than I hoped for running in the Green desperately hoping the finish line was round the next corner! I always forget how far into the Green the finish actually is. Awesome support in the last 100 yards from a huge Glasgow crowd. Quality medal, water, banana, white T shirt, cereal bars, heat pack for a bad back and menthol chewing gum made for an interesting goodie bag. I ran it in 2 07 44 and Adrienne got a PB in 2 13 51.”

Deirdre said: “Hi, My friend (Gillian Hyndman) and I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon on Sunday. Ooops, hope you don’t mind but I was running as Ursula as she wasn’t able to make it. I hope she was happy with HER time (I was very pleased!).

We had a great day out. Running conditions were wonderful – lovely sunny day but not too hot.

This is the first time my friend and I have both taken part in this event and we found it very well organised and would definitely do it again. The route was lovely and it was nice that so many people were out cheering us on.

Also thought it was a great start time – not too early plus we were able to enjoy the rest of the day.

Thoroughly enjoyed.”

Some photos:

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