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Forth Road Bridge 10K 2010

View from the Forth Road Bridge (Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics)
View from the Forth Road Bridge (Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics)

Well done to Chris March, Les McIntosh and Denise Hamilton who took part in the Pitreavie AAC 10km Road race which famously includes the Forth Road Bridge. Unlike last year the weather was warm and dry and all posted good times especially Chris who’s PB was also an ERN ladies 10km record and 2nd in category – Congratulations.

Place (322) Category Time
Chris March 100 FV40 00:45:35
Denise Hamilton 153 FSen 00:48:54
Les McIntosh 208 MV40 00:52:42

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Chris said: “I think the first time I did this race 2 years ago I decided it was going to be one of my favourites, last year I decided it was definitely one of my favourites – and this year was only confirmation. It’s very well organised, the views are fab and the marshals are so friendly. And that’s to say nothing of all the effort that goes into all the sandwiches, cakes, tea etc which are waiting for you at the end.

Plus – I’ll come clean – this was my target race for a 10k PB – as it was last year. I managed it last year with 46:14 and after last week’s Scottish Gas time of 46:15 on a flatter course thought I’d never make it. So – focus on legs and lungs: breathe easy, run steady. The first 1k is hard going. Always a bit of a scrum at the start – and always a bit wacky starting on the path next to the kids swings at the Community Centre – but good fun. Then there’s the hill, nasty and so early! Onto the bridge it is beautiful – 400 runners making their way across their own personal journeys and everyone in good sprits – a road race doesn’t come better than this. It’s a gradual but gentleish slope up to the 5k mark. At 22:29 this was the same sort of time I did last week. I really thought I’d blown it – but I’d promised Ben that I’d go for it – thanks Ben for the phone call at 11:20pm by the way – so much for the early night!

Over the bridge and up the other side is the hardest part – at 7k the last thing you need is a short but steep hill… and then up all the way to about the 8.5k mark – and boy do you feel it in your legs – and you can see it – it looks ‘more than a gentle slope’ – good for the soul I guess. As I overtook a guy he said ‘well done’ – that gives you motivation! I kept going steady – missed the 9k marker but gradually sped up once we started on the downhill to the finish. And my motivational guy … he came whizzing past me at about 500m to go – wow – incredibly fast. That was my target… I ran as fast as lungs and legs would allow to keep up – I didn’t overtake again… but I did manage my personal target – another PB with 45:33 on my watch. I was really chuffed with myself.

Off we went for loadsa tea and cakes – fab. And imagine how stunned I was to arrive at the prizegiving after getting changed to hear my name being called – I got 2nd prize for F40 – really chuffed – and very stunned! It was great shaking Barry Davie’s hand (Race Director) not least because he does such a great job with this race and I for one really appreciate it.

I promised myself as I was going round that this was it – I wouldn’t be doing this race again … but something’s already starting to niggle… and I’m looking forward to it already!

Les had decided his target was to ‘finish’ as he was nursing a very sore knee – it was great to cheer him in at 52:35 (watch time). He did really well given the circumstances and said, ‘I really enjoyed that – it was great to have no pressure of doing a ‘good time’ – the weather was spot on – no rain like last year, warm and a slight breeze on the bridge – just when you needed it!’.

As a last note… word to the wise .. women… there’s always a long queue at the loos… get there with plenty of time to spare! We left Meadowbank area at 9.25 and got there at 10.10 – it was touch and go if I’d be out to make the start line!”

Denise said: “It wasn’t a PB but I was really happy with my time. It’s such a nice race, I found it tough but really enjoyed it, the last kilometre being downhill on the bridge was brilliant as my legs were like lead by that time! The water below looked so appealing, I thought about jumping over the side a few times! Funnily enough, my sister and friends who ran too said exactly the same! Really nice race, would definitely recommend. Disappointed that I made such a rookie mistake at the end though, one girl dipped at the very finish line and got ahead of me!”

Some Photos: Courtesy of RoadRunPics where there are a lot more (thanks):

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