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Dunfermline City Half Marathon 2010


Well done to Ellie, Gillian and Brendan who travelled to the Kingdom of Fife to take part in the Dunfermline Half Marathon. The wet weather didn’t detract from a revised and appreciated route.

Place (678) Category Place Time
Gillian Grant 559 17 02:09:01
Brendan Brodie 616 208 02:16:35
Eleanor Brodie 628 52 02:19:51

Ellie said: “Hi, Gillian, Brendan and I did the Dunfermline Half Marathon. Perfect conditions: wet but mild, and a route along cycle paths and country roads which I understand from Gillian is a huge improvement over the old route – though there were a few humply bits to contend with in the second half! Very sociable: all three of us ran the first half together (in 1:05:40)and there was good support from the locals, even if they did all fib about the last mile being “all downhill from here”!

I think Gillian has some photos, but I’ve attached a few taken by “My Bib Number” as well.



Gillian said: “Hi, took part in the Dunfermline half marathon on Sunday. Done it loads of times before but it was like a new race in many ways, the route has been revamped. Still starts in Pitrivie Park by the pavilion. Required to collect our chips and number on the morning of the race but there was quite a good expo to mooch round prior to moving out side into the drizzling rain. We lined up according to estimated finishing time and off we went. I had only been running for 30 secs when I came across Brendon and Ellie (Bernard) which was a nice surprise and we all ran together for the first seven miles. I really liked the course, very rural, cycle paths and quiet country roads. More undulating than I expected but at least it finished with a downhill in the park and a fast flat last 100 metres. Goodie back was nothing exciting, water, mars bar and a few leaflets. Medal and T shirt both feature the sponsor’s name in much bigger type than the name of the race which I thought was a bit naff when I’d paid a fair old amount to enter. Van selling quality hamburgers and coffee at the end was handy. All in all I enjoyed the outing and will do it again. Photos to follow.



Some photos:

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