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Black Rock ‘5’ 2010

Emily and Laura
Emily and Laura

A good turnout of ERNs at the popular Black Rock 5 which takes in an out-and-back run across the sands (at low tide!) of the Forth to the Black Rock from Kinghorn in Fife.

Place (809) Time
Gordon Faulkner 150 00:32:41
Gordon Purves 210 00:34:24
George Maxwell 435 00:39:05
Joanne Forbes 578 00:42:25
Joanna Parry 579 00:42:28
Gillian Grant 613 00:43:07
Brendan Brodie 646 00:44:20
Nikki Russell 685 00:45:55
Emily Alston 773 00:51:32
Laura Slater 774 00:51:32

Details of the race can be found at the event website at www.blackrock5.org Well done to all.

Laura said: “Here is my race report from the black rock 5 on Friday night. This was my June race for my 12 races in 12 months challenge.

Myself and Emily traveled up to Fife together on Friday and I must say we were both pretty nervous, not just about running on the sand but of the hills that Gordon had warned us of. When we arrived the atmosphere was great and we saw the end of the children’s race and the hill that we would have to run up at the end which was a bit daunting.

The start of the race was very smooth through some of Kinghorn and down hill to the beach, then onto the sand and out to the black rock. The sand was much firmer and wetter than I expected and although it was a really sunny night the strong head wind on the way out made it quite tough going. At the Black Rock we then had a wade through thigh high sea then back onto the beach for the way back. The way back felt much easier and uphill back to the finish line wasn’t as tough as expected.

It was then on to the beer garden for burgers and beer. A great race with the novelty factor of going through the sea, definitely will be doing this again next year!

Some pics attached,


George said: “I ran the Blackrock 5 on Friday, along with a number of other ERNS, I saw Gordon Faulkner, Brendan, the two Jos, and Gillian. The weather was clear, a little windy on the way out, but that did mean that there was a following wind for the return. My race number was in the high 800s and I believe that there were almost a thousand runners there, this race just seems to keep growing in popularity.

As in previous years there is a fantastic atmosphere with really good support from the inhabitants of the Royal Burgh of Kinghorn. The beer followed by burger in the pub garden made for a great night out. The guys from Corstorphine took a fantastic photo of Gillian in the garden of the Ship Inn, somehow I think that photo needs to find its way to the ERN website (Oh yes please!).


Gillian said: “Hi. Made the annual excursion over to Kinghorn for the Black rock 4.5 mile race on Friday night. It was a glorious sunny evening for 700 runners to gather at the foot of a hill. And run up the same hill, along the flat and out onto the sands heading for the Black Rock. Idea is you paddle round the back of the rock and run back from whence you came. Water was really deep this year. Great fun and a good chance to catch your breath as you splashed your way round. Last hill is a bit of a challenge but fantastic local support cheering and bawling made it just do able. And you get a free bottle of lager for your efforts. I did it in about 43 mins I think.

As ever this race has a great social side, most people ended up in the pub that sponsors the race, drinking beer and eating hamburgers. Most enjoyable night. Photos are of me, Steve Blair and Mike Anderson (CAC) and a couple of the views.


Gillian “

Some photos:

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