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Glasgow Women’s 10K 2010



Ready to start
Ready to start

Well done to the ladies that took part in this annual race, held in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. This is Scotland’s biggest single race with over 13,000 entrants and 11,000 finishers. Good weather and a number of PBs as well! A great friendly event; makes it worth the effort of getting through to the start.

Place (10,926) Time
Deirdre Reid 1690 00:55:56
Gillian White 2762 00:59:15
Antonette Cerqua 3729 01:01:58
Ursula Friede 4065 01:02:54
Gail Dick 4072 01:02:55
Laura Slater 4954 01:05:35
Gillian Grant 5101 01:06:02
Adrienne Murray 5102 01:06:02

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Gillian White said: “On the plus side, I knocked 1 minute, exactly, off my time last week, so I got a PB! The weather held, dry, a wee bit cloudy, not too sunny. The organisation seemed good, the subway opened early and the buses to/from the start line were really efficient. There were loads of toilets! Nice medal, & goody bag (nice lip salve!). The support en-route was great, the start is quite residential (lovely big houses to look at as you run) so there’s folks standing at the end of their drives clapping and about half a dozen had set out their own water stalls, I think there was one house where kids were handing out sweets! There was random live music en-route too, with great drummers in Pollok Park. And the hill in Pollok Park wasn’t so bad after all!

On the down side, this was the first race I couldn’t just walk to the start line from my flat, so the logistics of getting there were new and a bit of a pain, not helped by the fact that the left baggage place just looked too far away, it was on the other side of Bellahouston Park from the race, so I had to make do without having my jacket/phone/camera etc afterwards, which was a shame.

All in all, another enjoyable Sunday run!


Ursula said: “Hi, here are some pictures from today’s’ Women 10K in Glasgow.

Unfortunately we didn’t find Gillian, so it’s just the three of us. The queue you see on one of the pictures is not the “Yellow” start area, it is the queue for the loo. Well it is a Women’s 10K. lol.

Everything went well, 🙂

Have a good night


Laura said: “Hey, this was a great race through the south side of Glasgow and past some Hee-land coo’s in Pollok Park. Fab support from the locals with their home made water stations throughout the course. This was my 3rd 10k in 3 weeks but I still managed a PB of 1h 5 mins which I was really chuffed with!



Gillian said: “Hi, attached photos of Adrienne and I after the Glasgow 10k.

Its an early start for a 10k, don’t know about the other ERN ladies on the 8am train but Adrienne and I had a lovely nap! Worth it though. What makes this race stand out is the cheering and the banter from the crowds, In my experience west coast crowds are much more vocal than their east coast counterparts. In addition loads of locals had set up unofficial water stations, Radio Clyde had two mobile discos blairing out and the race organisers had chalked supportive messages on the woodland path we ran on in the latter stages of the race. Great DJ at the end whipping the crowd up so we all finished feeling like Paula Radcliffe running down the mall. And like the other Gillian said, a quality goodie bag and an efficiant bus shuttle system all helped make it great morning out.



Some photos:

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