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Great Edinburgh Run 10K 2010

Holyrood Park
Holyrood Park

Great running weather, sunny but cool, saw nearly 8,000 runners take part in this annual 10km. The route was different this year with a revised and probably better start/finish in Holyrood Park and an opportunity to run across the forecourt of Holyrood Palace. A great turnout from ERNs and friends also saw good times in all senses. Well done to all. Note that Mike Newton had run the Edinburgh-North Berwick 20 miler the day before and still hadn’t got enough!

Place (6,838) Cat Pos Gender Pos Time
Andrews Simpson 537 79 502 00:44:43
Chris March 1220 10 142 00:48:27
Gordon Henderson 1642 731 1433 00:50:14
Les McIntosh 1714 141 1487 00:50:29
Janet More 2046 9 309 00:51:46
George Maxwell 2310 44 1917 00:52:51
Mike Newton 2973 249 2355 00:55:14
Eilidh Cuthbertson 3766 535 985 00:57:59
Gillian Grant 3780 37 992 00:58:01
Nikki Russell 3784 538 995 00:58:02
Gillian White 4433 179 1362 01:00:15
Alan Reid 4560 542 3119 01:00:49
Aicha Reid 4561 773 1553 01:00:49
Emily Alston 4717 286 1535 01:01:33
Laura Slater 5679 1109 2166 01:07:13
Heather Jones 5735 286 2211 01:07:36
Katharine Macsween 6338 503 2652 01:13:46

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Gillian White said: “The Edinburgh 10K didn’t disappoint at all!  I wasn’t so much nervous as just really quite excited, I had done one 10K before but it was so many years ago that this felt like my first.

It all started smoothly, Queens Drive wasn’t as bad as I expected but I’m glad it was out of the way at the beginning.  Lady Lawson Street was a tough wee block after coming up the West Port, I was struggling by the top but then by half way round the Meadows I started to enjoy it, and by the time I was flying down the Mound, I was loving it!  The last stretch coming down the Royal Mile was fab, great to finish on big downhill!

I didn’t think I’d break the hour barrier so I’m very pleased with just how close I got, just 15 secs over, and my pals all did well too.  Despite it being a wee bit hilly, I’d thoroughly recommend it; it’s a lovely scenic route, a great atmosphere with all the helicopters overheard & the cameras and a lovely chunky big medal!”

Laura said: “Here are some pics of me and Emily.
This was the 5th race of my 12 races in 12 months and I got another PB of 1h 7min 13sec. Although I really wanted faster it was 40 sec off last week’s time at Balfron so I can’t complain. I have never ran this race before but I thought the course was great and got the hills out the way in the first half and the crowds of supporters really kept me going. The free macaroni pots at the end were a good incentive too! Overall, a great race and one I definitely do next year!”

Gillian Grant said: “Just back from the Edinburgh 10k.

Rarely have I seen Queens Park so busy as it was this morning. Somebody’s making a lot of money out of these races. But a well organised show, colour coded starts meant no crushing at the start, just a long slog up Holywood Park then thankfully down through the Pleasance which gave me a chance to catch my breath. Good crowd support in the Grass market and up to the meadows which looked lovely in the sunshine, then the best bit, down the mound, past my front door on Jeffrey St and a lovely last km down the Royal Mile to the finish line.

I’ve done this race every year since 2001 and this was the best end ever. Reasonable T shirt and loads of free booty (power aid, cereal bars, freeze dried cheesy macaroni pots ) and a good solid medal were awaiting us. So all in all not a bad morning. Special thanks to Brendan, Fiona and Krista who managed to pop up twice as official ERN supporters. Much appreciated.”

Mike said: “What was I thinking, two races on consecutive days! :o) I managed to haul myself out of bed on a bright but breezy Sunday morning and, dressed ready to run, trotted across Holyrood Park to the start, legs still aching from the previous day’s 20 miles.

After what seemed like an age waiting in the white start pen, eventually the 10:42 gun went and we were off. Setting a steady pace I prepared for the hill up to the Commonwealth pool feeling that, If I managed that without too much difficulty, I had a chance of a respectable time. I met and chatted with Aicha and Alan about half way up the hill before plodding on to the top. From there it was a matter of maintaining a reasonable pace that kept my legs from complaining too much until the later downhill stages and hope for some additional speed there.

I enjoyed the changes to the course which made this the best of the three versions I have run, the finishing straight passing through the grounds of Holyrood Palace adding to the excellent atmosphere. What a weekend!”

Andrew said: “Having done this race quite a few times now the change in the start was a vast improvement on last year. However still not as good as the meadows-the roads are wider, means less elbowing and the crowd thins quicker. The route however is as always a challenge, but this year it felt almost all uphill until the Royal Mile, then a 3Km blast downhill to the finish.  Good weather made for an enjoyable run, and the goodie bag at the end never disappoints (although it shouldn’t as this race is £25 to enter).”

Some photos:

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