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Sir Chris Hoy Half Marathon 2010

Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics
Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics

Well done to all the runners that took part in this year’s event – good turnout by ERNs and friends and times and photos shown below. The weather was foul; wet, cold and windy, but the organisation was good, marshals were friendly and the route is straightforward and fast. Apart from the weather, everyone had a great day out. Many thanks to all concerned including the ERN marshals – Tracy, Denise, Val and Murdo.

Place (3,094) Category Cat Pos Time
Andrew Simpson 431 MSen 251 01:37:20
Les McIntosh 1383 MV40 250 01:51:40
Susie Smith 1413 FV50 13 01:52:08
Alan Reid 1745 MSen 318 01:56:13
Mike Newton 1851 MV40 326 01:59:49
Fi Mackenzie 2064 FV40 143 02:00:41
Gillian Grant 2086 FV50 45 02:00:53
Jo Parry 2139 FSen 411 02:01:46
George Maxwell 2128 MV50 161 02:01:56
Krista Black 2593 FSen 658 02:12:54
Aicha Reid 2632 FSen 635 02:13:51
Ursula Friede 2637 FSen 664 02:14:00
Emma Silvey 2639 FSen 666 02:14:04
Gregor Dow 2776 MV40 420 02:18:57
Heather Jones 2967 FV40 280 02:28:43
Deirdre Reid 3019 FV40 285 02:35:24

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Aicha said: “Saw lots of friendly ERN faces out this morning despite the dreich day. I was a bit worried that the start would be shenanigans due to what seemed an overly complicated start process and tight passage to exit the track onto the street. However the organisers had planned it well and I experienced no hold ups or bottlenecks. The route was not that exciting and I think the weather put off a lot of spectators so the race wasn’t one of my favourite but the marshals were encouraging (notably the ERNers jumping up and down and screeching) and the spectators who had braved the cold were much appreciated. Good race all in all with a very flat course and it felt smoothly organised. The only thing that could have been better was the buses to take runners back to Meadowbank. There was a long wait between buses arriving back to Musselburgh which was tough as the cold had really set in by then. Luckily for me my aunty nipped and got takeaway coffee and shortbread for us to have on the bus back so that took the chill off considerably.”

Chris said: “What a grizzly day to run a half marathon! Still, with the promise of a PB in the offing, Les was feeling sprightly! The race started at Meadowbank Stadium with the runners penned in according to their predicted finishing times. The start went really well, there wasn’t too much bunching even with the narrow exit and then off onto familiar terrain – with equally familiar weather – rain, wind and very cold – not a day for the feint hearted!

The route went down through Seafield/Porty Prom then hugged the coast almost out to Cockenzie power station before looping back for a sprint finish on Musselburgh Race course – the bets were on – was he going to smash his record. Ya beauty – my boy came home in record time and shattered his PB by 17 minutes with a time of 1:51:40 – a great excuse for opening the champers! A little out of breath he made this comment about the race, ‘Apart from the weather, it was well organised, as flat as you can get in Edinburgh and a good race all round’.

I wasn’t running as I still had a bit of a cold – but it was great to go along at the start and cheer everyone off. Andrew Douglas who went on to win (1:07:37) went off really fast, followed of course by Les and about 3,500 others. I then hopped on a 26 bus to the bridge at Musselburgh and it was really exciting to catch glimpses of the early runners from the bus as they ran along Portobello Prom. At one point the bus was travelling right alongside the runners – and amazingly Douglas wasn’t to be seen even at that point he was so far ahead. The view at the bridge was great as I spotted a few ‘ERNies’ go past – all still looking pretty strong at about 6.5 miles and in those conditions.

I then made my way to the racecourse and got a great view – and under cover – of the early finishers. Very exciting! I braved the elements to get to the barrier and cheer as Les and my Yorkshire chums came in – and Alan – who was sporting exactly the same finishing expression as the one he had in Lasswade. Alan came in incredibly strong and fast which was remarked on by the commentator – actually, he turned a good few heads I can tell you!

We then went off to get the shuttle bus back to Meadowbank – straight on the bus, waited a couple of minutes and then back to Meadowbacnk in a jiffy – very well organised!”

Gillian said: “Hope everyone involved either as a runner or a marshal has dried out after yesterday!!

But can’t blame the organisers for the weather and the start was a lot less shambolic than last year. Separate pens marked up with anticipated finishing times meant that it was a clear run right from the start. For no particular reason I ended up in the last one, and only had to wait about 5 mins prior to crossing start line. First 9 miles was interesting running into the wind (think I saw Murdo on a bike stewarding the front runners home, dunno how you kept your balance in these conditions) but it was very invigorating and quite enjoyable in a strange sort of a way. When we turned at Cockenzie and headed back the wind was behind us which was great. Not massive crowd support but hardly surprising in the circumstances. Was nice to see a rather damp Val marshalling at Musselburgh. I think I made a profit on my entry fee, 2 wicker T shirts, (one when I entered, one yesterday) a shoe bag at the end with the usual leaflets and cereals in it, and 3 free bottles of Lucozade at the promotion stall. Think they had had enough and wanted to go home!! My time was a tad over 2hrs.

No photos this time. My camera, mobile and IPod are currently still damp out and I have my doubts they will ever be the same again!!”

Ursula said: “We went out in the freezing cold to the Chris Hoy half marathon. <We> are Emma, Deirdre, Gregor and myself. But there were other ERN members out there and brave Gail arrived as a fan and I was so happy to see her at the end. Despite the weather I really enjoyed the run. When I came home a nice cake waited for me 🙂 Now I’m 1 stone heavier :)”

Krista said: “Thanks to the marshals and organizers for a great half!  Looks like they’re learning from the past and for the first time after running this race three times, it has gone like clockwork.

A chilly and rainy morning welcomed us to Meadowbank, without a hitch I found my way to the change hall and checked my bag at the lorry to take it to meet me at the finish.  Met with Aicha and Alan, both in fine form for an early start.

There were a number of holding pens, organized by time in the centre of the stadium.  I, along with most everyone else was trying to stay out of the wind and rain only moving down into the pens with much cajoling by the MC with 10 minutes to gun time. It was slightly confusing trying to figure out which pen was the correct one as the signs with pen times were at waist level and were obscured by the runners. But like a well behaved flock of sheep we managed to get ourselves organized.

Heather and I were in the queue to the start line, both shivering and ready to go just after 9am. Like most of my races recently, with the build up to the Marathon, I’ve been trying to get my pacing right and enjoy it without ‘racing’ too much. So of course that flew out the window when I realized I was running a sub 10 minute mile (which for all you ‘speedy feet’ out there is a fast time for me 🙂 Okay, time for ‘plan b!’ Run at this even pace and see how it goes, slowing up if necessary. Things were going well and saw my soaked family at mile five for a few soggy kisses, Aicha and her Auntie caught up with me and we ran together till about mile 8.  Enjoyed the last few miles back to the finish with consistent mile times and a smile on my face.

No congestion at the finish, got my t-shirt and nice medal. Goodybag with a fruit bar and a pack of flax seed, not so sure if I’ll get the flax out of my teeth anytime soon! Maybe a wee bit of chocolate would have been a better choice!?!  A good race this year, lovely to see Tracy, Val and Murdo marshalling and well done to all of the runners.”

And a view from a marshal:

Denise said: “I finished at my post just after 11, the policewoman had started picking up the cones and was saying to me to go – I think that was because my lips were turning blue!  I ended up waiting another half hour for my sister to come in, in the cold anyway, but was glad I was there for her. Such a shame it was such a wet, cold day but still good to see all the runners and so many people smiled and said thanks or clapped back which was really nice.”

Some photos: Thanks to Chris and Emma (and also to Road Run Pics where there are lots more)

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