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Heaven and Hell Half Marathon 2010

Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics
Photo courtesy of Roadrunpics

Tracy Paterson, Jo Forbes and Murdo Macleod journeyed up to Perthshire for the 2010 edition of this excellent race. The Heaven and Hell Half Marathon is so called because of the ascends to heaven and the descends to hell reflecting the challenging route. The run takes in a number of long steep climbs, including one of 400 feet and one of 700 feet, with corresponding steep descents. Not an easy course but scenic and very enjoyable. The organisers describe the race as “a challenging but rewarding route” and “a race organised by runners for runners” and we couldn’t agree more. Many thanks to all at Perth Road Runners for such an excellent friendly event – highly recommended.

Place (198) Time
Murdo Macleod 128 01:56:29
Tracy Paterson 148 02:01:00
Jo Forbes 150 02:01:23
Course Profile: – Maximum Altitude 810ft

Jo Said: “Heaven & Hell is a race which I was initially worried about due to the course but I have to say the race yesterday was one of my most favourite half marathons I have ever run!!!

The route was absolutely stunning, running through scenic Perthshire countryside in the most beautiful weather! Perfect! The hills from 2miles through to 6miles were steady but not too challenging, then as me & Tracy approached the ‘hell’ hill at 8miles I prepared myself! It was tough especially in the heat and sun but the surroundings certainly helped! Plus I was still on a high from completing a skydive the day before!

The marathon training certainly helped me feel strong in this race but I would definitely recommend it and am pleased to have been pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!”

Tracy said: “I was initially concerned about doing this race and the challenging course this promised to be. Happily the weather was just perfect and sunny, which made the views even more spectacular. The hills were a definite challenge but I eventually managed to get to heaven at the top of 10 miles in one piece. Jo kept me going for the last bit and it was a strong finish for us all. Like Jo, I think this is the most scenic and fulfilling run I have done in a very long while. Highly recommended!”

Some Photos: (including some from Road Run Pics where there are lots more – many thanks as always)

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