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Dunbar Boundary 10K 2010


The Dunbar 10km has always been one of ERN’s favourite races. This year the route had to be changed and was a wee bit humplier that previous but the usual warm welcome, organisation and post-race spread made sure that everyone had an excellent day out. Thanks to all at Dunbar Running Club for a great event; well done to all those that took part and congratulation to those that ran their first 10km and/or got a PB.

Place (279) Category Cat Pos Gender Pos Time
Neil Page 18 MSen 9 18 00:37:48
Gillian Grant 217 FVV 19 65 00:56:11
Gregor Dow 227 MV 158 61 00:57:38
Deirdre Reid 230 FV 35 72 00:57:59
John Campbell 233 MV 160 62 00:58:16
Ursula Friede 234 FV 37 75 00:58:16
Eleanor Barnard 265 FV 48 95 01:04:29
Antonette Cerqua 266 FV 49 96 01:04:30
Gail Dick 267 FV 50 97 01:05:03

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Gail said: “As this was the first proper race I had entered (the past have just been ‘fun runs’) I learned an important lesson… start at your own pace!!! By the time I reached the climb, my get up and go had done a runner all of its own. So roll on next year when I’ll be faster :-). The race was very well organised (if a little scary for beginners) – and I was very impressed with the tea and sarnies afterwards, which were very welcome.”

Antonette said: “It was a really nice route the views were amazin… Yes was quite hilly but first time in Dunbar for me it so don’t know what it was like before.  I’m not sure if it was a PB for me as have only done a couple of 10ks before and can’t remember my time (Let’s call it a PB – ed). I didn’t take any pics sorry but travelled out with Ellie Barnard and she brought the most amazin sausage and haggis rolls (homemade can I add) and they were to die for and also homemade flapjacks which were fab too. Oh I bruised my knee cartillage but made a full recovery after overdosing on anti inflammatories on Sat night!”

Ursula said: “Hi, here are some pictures from the 10k Dunbar run:

We were a bit scared at the beginning because of all the professional runners around us and all these rumours about “it’s a bit hilly” but we made a “it’s just a bit chilly” out of it 🙂

The new course was not bad, but 1 hill killed every one of us, but nevertheless John and I managed to improve our 10k time by 11 minutes compared to last years’ BUPA run. Gail finished her first 10k ever and was really proud and Deirdre and Gregor managed a great time of 57 minutes.

We think it was very well organised and the sandwiches afterwards were just yummy!! We will definitely go back there next year.

Have a nice Easter holiday


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