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D33 Deeside Way Ultra Marathon 2010

The goddie bag - beer and a chocolate medal!
The goodie bag – beer and a chocolate medal!

Congratulations and well done to Phil Humphries for his excellent showing at the D33 Ultra. This was the inaugural event and has received entirely positive feedback. A no-frills event and all the better for it, the D33 is hopefully set to become a feature in the Ultra calendar – brilliant!

Place (88) Cat Pos CP 1 CP 2 CP 3 Time
Phil Humphries 22 7 01:04:12 02:11:00 03:23:10 04:41:07

From Phil: Good to see everyone (4th April) and I hope all enjoyed the Sunday run – seemed strange not to be joining in. Here is my race report and photos for the D33, no results on the website yet, but I reckon I must have finished around the 4 hr 40mins mark. (actually 4.41.07 – ed)

The D33 Ultra Marathon is a new race, and is second race in this year’s inaugural SUMS (Scottish Ultra Marathon Series). It was advertised as “33 miles of no frills running”, and was very simple to enter. All you had to do was email the organiser to tell them you were coming and then just pay a tenner on the day. In fact everything about the race was organised in a simple, efficient and friendly manner that made for a very relaxed day out, which almost made me forget that this was actually a competitive endurance footrace. The route was from Duthie park in Aberdeen to Banchory and back along the old (dismantled) railway line that is now the Deeside Way path. Apart from a short section on a minor country road, and about 100 yards on a footpath by a main road, the route was entirely off road. There were a handful marshalls enroute and some spray painted arrows to help on a few tricky bits.  About half the pathway is unpaved, but was still a good smooth surface with just the odd sections of mud and puddles. The route was essentially flat with no humply bits – just one or two very minor inclines, but barely noticeable even after 23 miles !  About 90 runners set off at 9am from Duthie park, there was a checkpoint and water station at 8 miles, another at 16.5 miles (with jam sandwiches and biccies !),  and more water on the return at 25 miles. The weather was better than expected (heavy rain had been forecast), it was cool, overcast with a gentle breeze and just a couple of short sharp rain showers, one going out and the other on the way back. I was running well and enjoying the experience up until the 25 mile waterpoint when I started getting a pain in my right knee, which gradually got worse. This slowed me down somewhat, but at least the left leg remained strong despite having to do more work, and with a bit of “mind over matter” I was able to continue running through to the finish.  There an excellent spread of cakes at the finish back in Duthie park, and all the finishers got a chocolate medal and a bottle of beer as they crossed the finish line.  A small dog ran and finished the race (with owner) and she got to wear a chocolate medal too, and she proceeded to run around with excitement while everyone else just flaked out and stuffed themselves with cake.



Race website details etc http://deesidewayultra.webnode.com/

Some photos:

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