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Lisbon Half Marathon 2010 – Portugal


Congratulations to Chris March and Les McIntosh who took part in this year’s Lisbon Half with both posting excellent PBs.  Incidentally the winner, Zersenay Tadese, also set a new world record of 00:58:23!

The impressive finish location; The ‘Mosteiro dos Jeronimos’ in Lisbon
The impressive finish location; The ‘Mosteiro dos Jeronimos’ in Lisbon

ERN International Team report: Les and Chris go on a Lisbon adventure…

World record set in Lisbon half marathon!

“I’m in a good shape. Kilometre after kilometre I achieved more courage and determination and always believed that I can get the world record.”

OK – so these weren’t our words and we didn’t break any world records – these are the words of some Eritrean geezer, Tadese, who broke the world record by 10 seconds to win in an astounding 58:23! Incredible stuff!

The cool things about this race were:

  • Definitely being in the same race as the likes of Tadese – the course looped back on itself on a couple of occasions so you were in a fabby  close up position to see incredibly fast athletes run incredibly fast past you – twice!  The first time everyone slowed down a bit and clapped/cheered as they went past – I think the second time we were all just too knackered – oops – typo – I meant ‘focused, like the serious athletes we are’! To get up close though was just mega!
  • The transport – it was free for runners and extremely well organised. You got a train to the other side of the bridge 10 minutes walk from where the race started. It was crowded as you’d expect – but we had no problems at all getting there.
  • The amazing start on the 25 de Abril Bridge with the figure Cristo Rei keeping a watchful eye: a 246 foot monument with the figure of Christ on the top.
  • Five water stations en route, plus a second ‘goody bag’ at the end with two more bottles of water and a bottle of Powerade – and free ice creams! The oranges and bananas at 20 kilometres were a tad suspect – a recipe for a disaster in my book.
  • A ‘goody bag’ when you collected your number the day before – fab front design on the t-shirt – not so sure about the gold lame stripes on the sleeves (strike that – we’re very sure about those gold stripes!).
  • The finish line – right in front of the stunning ‘Mosteiro dos Jeronimos’ – an amazing monastic complex with unbelievable Gothic and Renaissance architecture. I bet when they were building it they never expected 6,000 sweaty folks turning up in shorts and t-shirts to sit on their front lawn!

The ‘not so cool’ thing was…

  • The weather – the race started in mist which was a real shame as the view running across the bridge would have been fantastic. It then cleared once over the other side to brilliant sunshine … and a soaring 18/20 degrees. Which generally speaking is great … unless you are running 13.1 miles and not used to it! But hey – are we complaining about that – don’t think so…
  • Arghh – but who put the 19k sign before the 18k sign – that was mean!
  • Due to the event the transport we’d sussed out the day before for our ‘support team’ wasn’t running – so they just made it in time to meet us at the allocated meeting place – so, sorry Murdo – no pics of the actual race – but some nice pics below.

Other than that – this was a very well organised event and we’re both chuffed to have been part of it. So, to …

The results…

Did we break any records – yes, we both managed PBs! Les has never run this distance before and did a sterling first 13.1 miles race in the soaring heat, Chris broke her only ever half marathon time of 11 years ago by 3 minutes and was delighted to ‘beat her body clock’! Here are our times…

Place (5474) Cat Pos Time
Chris March 1849 120 01:45:49
Les McIntosh 4062 514 02:08:28

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

And what’s a report without a few piccies…

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