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The Deerstalker 5k (and the rest) / The Mighty Deerstalker 10k (and then some) 2010

Vicky, Emily and Laura - the "Bennet Sisters"
Vicky, Emily and Laura – the “Bennet Sisters”

The Mighty Deerstalker (10km) and Deerstalker (5km) are a wee bit different! These are off-road races involving steep terrain, water, obstacles, rock and scree as well as darkness in the case of the 10km race. You’re encouraged to wear your finest country best. This year Willie (10km), Laura and Emily (both 5km), along with their friend Vicky, took part. Congratulations and well done to all concerned. Any race where the anticipated finish times are up to 4 hours for the 10km deserves respect. Link to race website at Deerstalker. where there are details of the race format etc. There is also a set of photos on flickr that give a sense of the event.

The Mighty Deerstalker 10K

Place (1224) Time
Willie Stobie 682 02:23:53

The Deerstalker 5K

Place (550) Time
Emily Alston 511 02:04:30
Laura Slater 513 02:04:44

Willie said: “My calf has gone again, as ever – 4 events in 3 weekends has taken it’s toll.  The last one was the Mighty Deerstalker. 2 hours 23 for the 10 k. A PW there then. My mate Derrick was over from Belfast. Beforehand he was saying that he should be OK ‘cos he’d just done a hilly 10k in 42 minutes – started looking concerned when we showed him the ponds and then watched the leaders of the 5 k race coming in.  The guy who was third was groaning and saying “This is hell!”. Yep and we’re running it in the dark. Plus 200m up an ice cold river (you feel like you’ve been amputated at the knee after this) followed by a 500 foot ascent up the steepest scree slope you’ve ever seen. Derrick came in about 1:57 and another mate Ian who was also down for the weekend came in in an impressive 1:51.

By the time we got back the tent zips were frozen up! That’s why my glasses had been fogged up for the last half – not good in the dark and spooky woods with only a head torch to guide you.

This gives a reasonable idea of the run

This is the main event – the Beerstalker! Traquair Brewery Deerstalker Ale – 6% was jolly rejuvinating, what! Rather…
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uncixCKLwA  (well eventually – I’m actually in the second photo with my back to the camera)

This the last song – Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols. The video was taken from on the stage with the band. Security’s collective sphincter was twitching. The singers mic had broken but the crowd obliged manfully.  All in all, a riot (quite literally at the end….)

Be there next year!?



Laura said: “Emily did this the year before but it was my first time and much harder than I ever expected. I think I did more crawling than running!

The atmosphere was great and almost everyone was dressed up, as you can see we were representing some of the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice – we weren’t milk maids as the commentator kept referring to us by.

I would definitely recommend this race for anyone who wants a different challenge and a full body workout as long as you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Within the first section of the race you need to make your way through three big ditches of waist high muddy water then up a steep rocky path followed by a scramble up a wooded slope. Once you think you are near the top you are then faced with scree slope to contend with and more hills. At last you are at the top, under a cargo net and you’re on your way back down hoping your knees can withstand the impact. Some river crossings, a tunnel and a cargo net before finally home.

Brilliant fun! Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


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