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Semi Marathon de Paris 2010



Ros Derham took part in this year’s event, her first half marathon, on a cold sunny day in Paris. While she really enjoyed the event, and ran an impressive time, she was disappointingly delayed by around eight minutes in crossing the line. You can read her report (and admire her patience!) below – congratulations and well done.

Place (xxx) Cat. Pos. 5K Time 10K Time 15K Time Time
Ros Derham 2,907 759 00:29:40 00:59:10 01:30:25 02:15:18

Ros said“Will try to get photo to you if I decide to buy one!

Really enjoyed the run on a beautiful sunny day in Paris. It was very cold but otherwise perfect running weather. The course started and ended at the Parc Floral which was a lovely setting. It was all very well organised and just as the finish line was in sight and I had a little energy left in my legs for a “sprint” finish we all ground to a halt at about 300 metres from the finish line. It actually took me 8 minutes from when I stopped running to cross the line! It was chaos, there was no movement and some runners were extremely angry. Some tried to climb the barrier and then squeeze in at the line – probably making things worse. I just stood still and waited until we moved forward. It was a bit of a disappointing finish and not helped by the fact that the weather was freezing! My time was 2.15.18 but that was crossing the line so think it is around 8 mins under that but will have to stick with the official time!

We enjoyed a lovely few days in Paris doing all the usual sightseeing stuff and even managed to find the restaurant recommended by Tracey – thanks – where we enjoyed a lovely meal last night.”

Comment on official website:


Dear runners,

On the 18th edition of the Paris Half-Marathon, due to important modifications of course owing to Tramway programs, we liked to change the start and finish areas.

On the start, we organized the zone by allowing more entrances on the left and the right, for more convenience.

On the finish area, we organized a complete change and unfortunately underestimated fluxes, considering the breath of the way.
The timing chip collection and the medal distribution could not be correctly made for many runners whose time of arrival is spread between 1h50 and 2h20.
We are aware that this is of our whole responsibility and kindly ask you to accept our excuses for this inconvenience.

From today, we analysed this anomaly in term of organisation and we shall make fats decisions which are obvious to avoid that such situation reproduces in future.

Except this problem which certainly is not negligible, we hope that this 18th edition took place in good conditions and that you enjoy the event.

Yours faithfully.

The organisation committee.

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