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Challenge Scotland Edinburgh 5K 2009 – Inverleith Park

Gail and Ursula
Gail and Ursula

Two brave ERN ladies managed to get up early on Sunday following the Christmas dinner to take part in the Challenge Scotland Edinburgh Christmas 5km run in Inverleith Park. There was also a Golden Tinsel Mile, aimed primarily at the very young or elderly, and an Edinburgh 5km Walk as well. Apart from some lingering effects from the previous evening, both had a good time. Well done. Link to event page here.

Ursula said:   Yes, the 2 “brave” one’s went for a 5k run AFTER the Christmas party.
What do you think if you dance with a bear “Jive Bunny Jive” in the cold at 9am on a Sunday morning?? Right! This must be a hang over!
The first kilometer I didn’t feel my legs (ice cold)

The second kilometer I felt my legs (hurray)

The third kilometer I felt the Gin from the night before (oops)

The fourth kilometer I thought “When will it be over?”
But then the bear was welcoming us on the last kilometer and we survived an did ( I think) pretty well 29 minutes!
Hope you enjoyed the Christmas party us much as we did.

Have a good day Ursula

Gail said:   Have to confess I was nearly sick as I crossed the finish line – it was the sight of an official photographer that saved me, I think!  I put it down to the adrenalin rush.

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