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Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland Urbathon 10K 2009



Val Beattie took part in this unusual event. When you sign up, you know it starts in front of Arthur’s seat and that its 10km long and that there are some obstacles but the actuality remains secret until you take part… Turns out there were hay-bales, bouncy castles, foam pit, while traversing Arthur! Great fun, definitely recommended. Val did it all in a fantastic time, finishing just over the hour – well done. Link to the organiser’s site here at Urbathon

Place (466) Time
Val Beattie 264 01:04:04

Val said: “Did the Urbathon – First One in Scotland – today. 10km with a twist! Didn’t have a clue what the twist was until we were running it! They started us 15 at a time to stop congestion at the obstacles. The route was all around Arthurs Seat/Holyrood Park/Scottish Parliament for wee bit.

First obstacle was getting over hay bales- started and finished at same place so hay bales were last obstacle too! Various obstacles – highlight was getting over the bonnet of two cars and up and over a few times in a bouncy castle, ending with a foam pit!!!!!!!! Others were stopping to do 10 star-jumps and 10 press-ups (oh joy), tyre jump, log jump, hurdles, crawling under net. In between running 10km………..

To add to this course took us through the middle of Arthurs Seat and very hilly bit and also going up Salisbury Crags. I had to walk up the Crags- too steep for me!

Very well marshalled and they were all very cheery and encouraging! Good downhill finish from Arthurs Seat. Great fun and definitely recommend it! Only injury was some skin on my arm rubbed off (ouch) from crawling under the net! Did it in 1hour 4 mins which aint half bad I think!



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