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Great Scottish Run Half Marathon and 10K 2009

George Square
George Square

The Glasgow half marathon and 10km races are justifiably popular and this year was no different. Around 7,000 runners took part in each race and while the weather was a bit drizzly at times, it was perfect for running although not necessarily for the supporters. The routes start at George Square and finish at Glasgow Green and the runs are very well organised, friendly and scenic. If you haven’t considered these races before, give them a go. They are great early autumn events and are highly recommended. Well done in particular to Alan for taking 20 minutes off his PB and to Krista who took a spill and gashed her knee but completed the course. Also, George got a PB and good to see Tracy get through the run without aggravating her knee-injury.

10 K

Place (7,226) 5K Time Time
Giuliano Broccato 2186 00:29:17 00:55:42
Irene Somerville 2423 00:28:50 00:56:38
Gillian Grant 2718 00:28:55 00:57:38
Adrienne Murray* 2719 00:28:55 00:57:38
Val Beattie 3077 00:29:41 00:59:03

Half Marathon

Place (7,760) 10K Time Time
Alan Reid 1346 00:48:47 01:41:32
Murdo Macleod 1434 00:49:39 01:42:11
Tracy Paterson 3136 00:54:19 01:53:12
Carol Stirrat 3923 00:54:45 01:57:25
George Maxwell 3965 00:54:52 01:57:37
Aicha Reid 4570 00:58:54 02:01:07
Krista Black 6952 01:04:31 02:19:08
* Adrienne wasn’t chipped so her time is shown as the same as Gillian’s

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Aicha said: “This was my first time doing the Glasgow half after hearing lots about it. Murdo said the course was slightly uphill in the first half and slightly downhill in the second but that we probably wouldn’t notice it. It was noticeable but not too bad. No serious climbs, more of a gentle incline. The weather was perfect on Sunday, cool with a gentle mist of rain all the way round and no wind. I think the race was extremely well organised and experienced no hitches at all. It was a bit tight for the first couple of miles until we got to the Kingston Bridge and from then on there was plenty of room. There was music throughout the run with pipers and some drumming bands and there was a great straight stretch with music at the finish. We got a pretty decent goody bag and I got exactly the same time (to the second) as I got for the Dundee half last June. A new ERN record for the most consistent race times?” 

Carol said: “I had a bit of a nightmare getting to central Glasgow through the traffic congestion. Will definitely take the train next time as a result! However, once in George Sq, there was a great atmosphere to start the proceedings, with pretty good support all the way round the course, including the Scottish barbarian drummers – was tempted to stop and have a wee jig.  Not so sure about the 3 course lunch for £2.50 though. Eech.”

Gillian said: “Adrienne and I both went through to Glasgow to run the 10k on Sunday. We were amongst the lucky ones. We got a seat on the train. Which is more than people getting on at Linlithgow did. Must be magic that, standing for 40 mins prior to running a halfie !!

Met Val at the start by chance which was nice. As ever a well organised event, loads of crowd support, highlight being the cars tooting as we ran over Kingston Bridge and massive cheers as we headed down the home straight. I’d never done this one before and found the course more undulating than I anticipated, though I suspect that’s more a reflection on my current state of fitness than any thing else. Ran it in 57.38 which I was quite happy with. Unfortunatly I threw Adrienne’s chip in the bin the night before by accident so her time will always be a mystery! Goodie bag a bit random. I got one cereal bar, Adrienne got four and a bag of dried fruit. How-ever we ended our jolly outing with tea and buns in the cafe so all in all a good day.”

Some Photos: (there is also a good photo-report at the ever-excellent RoadRunPics)

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