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Edinburgh Women’s Triathlon 2009 – Dalkeith

Denise looking very fresh on the run section
Denise looking very fresh on the run section

Congratulations and well done to Denise Hamilton who came an impressive 13th in the Edinburgh Women’s Triathlon. This was held in Dalkeith with the 400m swim (16 lengths) in the High School pool, followed by a 10km cycle on a circular route via Whitecraigs before returning to the school for the 5km run – an out and back on cycle tracks. Denise managed the above, including all the transitions, in an hour! Details of the event etc. here

Position (73) Swim Time Cycle Time Run Time Finish Time
Denise Hamilton 13 00:12:49 00:25:08 00:22:36 01:00:33

Denise said: “I really loved it, so much fun.  I was really pleased with my placing and because there were three swim heats and I was in the first one, I actually finished the course first!  Think that is probably the only time it will ever happen so I enjoyed the cheering!  My friend Rachel – who came along with me the night we ran (with ERN)  – was much more impressive however – she won!!

I’ve attached a photo taken on the run part of the course, bit blurry but shows I’m enjoying it! 

Loch Ness training was going really well but I picked up an injury a couple of weeks ago (and shouldn’t really have done the triathlon but never mind!).  I am trying to pick it back up again and I saw your email about the run on Sunday, am here this weekend so planning to come along to that.  I might not make it the whole way but will bring bus fare just in case!” 

Cycle transition area
Cycle transition area

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