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Forth Road Bridge 10K 2009

Chris on her way to a PB and an ERN record
Chris on her way to a PB and an ERN record

Well done to Chris March, Carole Stirrat, Val Beattie and Jo Forbes who took part in the Pitreavie AAC 10km Road race which famously includes the Forth Road Bridge. Despite heavy showers, all posted good times and were comfortably in under the hour; especially Chris who’s PB was also an ERN ladies 10km record! – Congratulations.

Position (306) Category Time
Chris March 99 FV45 00:46:14
Les McIntosh 134 MV40 00:48:58
Joanne Forbes 141 FSen 00:54:36
John Forbes 143 MV50 00:54:36
Carol Stirrat 306* FV35 00:58:00
Val Beattie 253 FV35 00:58:26

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Jo Said: “A bright humid morning saw me and my dad take part in the Forth Road 10k. The race is organised by Pitreavie running club who in the lead up to the race have slightly poor organisational skills as the full race list was only posted online last Tuesday so we didn’t know if we had got in until then and it sells out early every year. Apart from that it was a great day, heading off from the community centre in North Queensferry where there is changingfacilities and plenty of parking etc. When we started it was still dry but within 5 minutes the heavens opened and we got totally drenched, the rain faded away by about the halfway mark. The course has a couple of steep downhills and uphills which goes from North Queensferry round onto the Forth Road bridge into South Queensferry then back over the bridge where it finishes. We all got a medal/water/tunnocks wafer after the race and headed back to the community centre for an amazing spread of tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes which was well received!! Would thoroughly recommend this run as it’s something different and the views from the bridge are great!”

Chris said: “It’s only the second time that I’ve done this run but it’s still one of my all time favourites – and not just for me – since last year this popular race has increased from 350 to 400 participants. It’s a bit of a scrum at the start but then evens out after the first k and then it’s just a great run across the Forth Road Bridge and back. Fabulous views or what! The race started out fairly sunny and warm, but by the time we reached the 1k mark it started to rain – the clouds veritably opened! But that wasn’t going to dampen our spirits for what was a thoroughly enjoyable run. If it hasn’t been for the rain it probably would have been too hot – as there was no wind (yes, NO WIND) to cool us! The rain didn’t stay for too long and we all finished to a ray or two of sunshine!   Last year this was my PB run and this year I managed to knock almost 2 mins off my time. My watch time was 46:14 – the final time will be slower as there are no chips and you start on a little pathway so you are bunched up a bit at the start. Les thinks he did 48:50 but the turkeyhead (his words!) pressed the wrong button on his watch so his time may be out too. Given the extra weight we were carrying in rainwater these times aren’t bad at all!   All that aside, there’s a great feel about this run – everyone is incredibly friendly. After the run there’s a ‘food-fest’ in the Community Centre and loads of prizes … most of which go to Pitreavie AAC or Carnegie Harriers, who, like last year wiped the floor with the rest of us – they are real fast folks … any chance of us pinching their training plans?”

Val said: “There were problems with printing info etc this year for the Pitreavie 10km but all was smooth running on the morning (apart from the big downpour as we started which carried on for couple kilometres). Plenty parking and fab views from start at North Queensferry Community Centre. Good race would definitely recommend. Mainly on paths and big road – great running along one side of Forth Road Bridge and then under underpass (funnily enough) to come back to North Queensferry on opposite side. Fair amount of spectators etc at the end which was nice. Regular km markers. I found Bridge surprisingly steeper than I expected. My stopwatch stopped so I am guessing my time at about an hour – wasn’t on top form today but would definitely do it again – think it would be a good one to get a good time in as well spread out. Fab spread afterwards and medal, water and Tunnocks caramel wafer on finishing!”

Carol said: “Not a mistake re being last* on the list for Pitreavvie. Unfortunately, my friend and I missed the start of the race but the organisers were kind enough to let us participate and time us! Not a great score as we got a little confused over route -signs and stewards had moved on – what a fun morning we had ; )”

Some Photos: (Thanks to Jo and Val for the photos. Also including some from RoadRunPics where there are many more)

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