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Granton 5K and 10K 2009



This is a lovely, friendly local race with both 5 and 10km runs. Chris March (5km), Ros Derham and Nikki Russell (both 10km) took part in the events which are both normally well supported by ERNs but regrettably this year coincided with Donkey Brae. Warm and dry, if windy, weather, allowed the ERN ladies to have a good run and some PBs to boot.

Race Place Time
Chris March 5K 22 (139) 00:23:07
Nikki Russell 10K 285 (409) 00:55:38
Ros Derham 10K 335 (409) 00:58:38

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Chris said: “I felt a bit of a wimp doing just the 5k when I saw how many folks were doing the 10k; there was a really good turnout… but not so many that you feel swamped in runners. This felt like a friendly, well organised run and once you’d got over the initial (and inevitable) crowding at the start there was plenty of room. The course was well marshalled which was just as well for those of us who were doing the 5k and needed to do a quick turn as the 10k runners went on ahead … in the wind. Oh yes, a report from me could not be a ‘report from me’ without the mention of ‘wind’ (how adolescent!). Other than the ‘breezy’ weather, the conditions were good; a bit warm at times (but not complaining about that) and an ‘interesting route’. It started at the Scottish Gas HQ at Granton then meandered round a couple of roads (don’t know quite where I was – just followed the crowds!) and then ended up on the Esplanade out towards Cramond – that was lovely! Oh … one thing to mention though … and what wasn’t so lovely was the sneaky uphill just a few meters from the finish (yet again, caught out expecting a ‘flat’ run) … and the finish being round the corner of the building – that had me a little flummoxed so I just ran as fast as poss for as long as poss! The strategy worked for both Les and myself as we both did PBs, my watch time noted 23:04, he reckons he did 24:20 (although true to say we generally do our 5k runs round Arthur’s Seat so we kinda expected a PB – and would have been flushing our heads down the proverbial toilet if we hadn’t!). Finally – one other good thing is that you are close enough to Morrison’s to buy celebratory sticky buns!! You do get fed though after the run; granola bics and bananas, and a medal and rather groovy t-shirt (ok – I know the last two aren’t food exactly … more food for the soul!). But the sticky buns win every time!!!”

If anyone wants more details check out the ‘organising crowd’ website: http://edinburghac.org.uk/ScottishGasRace/

Some Photos: (including some from RoadRunPics where there are many more)

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