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Donkey Brae 7 and 2 Mile Races 2009


This is an ERN Summer Series qualifying event and one of ERN’s favourite races. As is usual (and apparently for the 17th year in a row!) we were blessed with good sunny weather, if a tad windy. 17 ERNs in total ran with Jo Forbes, Jo Parry and Phil coming to support along with a number of partners.

A scenic, humply, run out through Aberdour to Dalgety Bay and back; down to the shore and fields, out and back on a variety of cycle-tracks, park roads and streets before the climb up the infamous Donkey-Brae (not as bad as you think) to finish at the festival/farmers market and marquee where a good crowd welcomed all home. Great to see Gordon Purves back running after being out for such a long and frustrating time with injury; he fairly blasted round the course in 51 minutes!

Category Category
Gordon Purves 73 MV50 15 00:51:30
Alan Reid 93 MSen 30 00:53:06
Murdo Macleod 97 MV40 38 00:53:27
Gordon Faulkner 158 MV40 51 00:59:04*
Tracy Paterson 169 FV35 18 00:59:37
George Maxwell 177 MV50 42 01:00:21
Fiona Melvin 184 FSen 10 01:00:52
Aicha Reid 208 FSen 14 01:02:56
Gillian Grant 219 FV45 11 01:04:56
Fiona Mackenzie 220 FV35 25 01:05:17
Brendan Brodie 221 MV40 63 01:05:17
Giuliano Broccato 225 MV40 65 01:05:45
Charlie Francis 237 MV50 52 01:07:33
Eleanor Mackenzie 250 FV35 31 01:09:46
Eleanor Barnard 263 FV35 37 01:14:47
Krista Black 265 FSen 19 01:14:56
Geni Smyth 268 FV35 39 01:17:20
Heather Jones 269 FV35 40 01:19:39
* Gordon wasn’t chipped as he started late and his time is based on those that finished with him although it’s probably a lot faster!

After the race, we moved down near the beach and had our annual BBQ (many thanks to Jo and Andy for all their hard work) where we met up with Fi and Brendan’s Jog Scotland crowd for a post-race scoff and blether. Well done to all that took part, to those that supported and also thanks to Aberdour Festival (celebrating their 26th Anniversary) for a great event. See you next year.

Heather said: “My first ever 7 mile race. Sometimes it’s nice to do a non-standard distance.
This was the 26th annual running of the Donkey Brae race along the Fife coastline from the small village of Aberdour, towards Dalgety Bay. The course was almost entirely off-road, starting in a local field, then through some woods and down some trail steps to the beach. A run along the promenade, then cutting up to a cycle/walking path alongside the Aberdour Golf Course. This was a gorgeous out and back big loop course, with spectacular views across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh’s skyline. The sun shone, and the race marshalls did their bit, handing out water and shouting words of encourgament. The return leg was along a cycle path (part of the national cycle network) and the Fife coastal path route, past a slew of houses with spectacular picture window views across the sea. There was a final twist with a drop back down to the beach then up the steps and the Donkey Brae climb to the finish.

I ran it slow and steady, as usual, still not quite in ‘race ready’ condition, and posted a finishing time of 1.19.44, so was pleased to break 1.20.  I thought I’d get the accolade of last again, but lo! there were a few more stragglers came in a wee while later. It was a great day for a run; a great race; and a lifetime personal best for a 7 mile race. Roll on next year, and the chance to go a bit quicker”.

Some Photos: (thanks to Nicola, Karen and Phil)

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