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Eccup 10 Mile Race 2009 – Leeds

Chris "Quick" March in happy mode!
Chris “Quick” March in happy mode!

Chris March took the opportunity while visiting friends in Leeds to take part in the Abbey Runners 10 miler, run in part round Eccup reservoir, the largest area of water in West Yorkshire. While it was her longest race so far, Chris posted an excellent time of under 1:20 and had a “grand day out” – Well Done!

Place (532) Category
Chris March 202 9/44 01:19:37

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

A Grand Day Out! –

Chris said: “The Eccup 10 miler (12 July 2009) is organised by the Leeds based club, Abbey Runners. The course is undulating (I’d hoped for flat), in beautiful countryside and in part round a reservoir (ok that bit was flat). I must admit I didn’t see much of the reservoir; the night before we’d had really heavy rain which meant this bit of the run was single file puddle dodging – what a hoot! The conditions on the day were pretty good, not too muggy, a little hotter than I would have liked and a bit of sunshine – but no rain and very little wind!

Almost perfect apart from the need for water which came at 3, 6 and 8 mile points … if you have mastered the art of grabbing the cups without spilling the water that is … an art I haven’t mastered! At 3 miles I grabbed the cup and the water shot out and I spent the next 3 miles thinking about how thirsty and dehydrated and desperate I was! With good luck, my mate Stella was marshalling at stage 6 so I screamed her name and she made sure I got my water – it never tasted so good! I didn’t chance it at 8 miles and ‘slowed’ right down to grab water (a relative term – I was pretty slow at mile 8)! It must be an art…

I started far too fast with a first mile time of 7:12 and very quickly realising my error slowed to a more sedate 7:45/8 minute mile pace with a couple of slower miles to make up for the quick start! I came in at position 202/523 with a listed time of 1:19:37 (watch time, 1:19:28) and a category position of 9/33. This was my first 10 mile run, after it has to be said, a bit of ribbing for not running anything further than 10k, and I wanted to get under 1:20 – so ‘mission accomplished’! No Murdo – that doesn’t mean I’m training for a marathon now!!!!

A few things I’ve learned from my first 10 mile race:

  1. Miles are much further than kilometres – obvious but true…
  2. I need to do a good bit more training at this distance. I’m not sure I could have run any faster … let alone further!
  3. Pace yourself – my first mile was far too fast; I’m not sure it contributed to my overall time but boy did my head have a hard time running this one!
  4. I need to practice grabbing cups of water and running at the same time.
  5. Miles are much further than kilometres … and they do drag on! (Yes it does deserve a second mention!).

And the final comment – the race was extremely well organised, no medal but a rucksack goody bag with ‘Eccup 10 mile’ sewn into the fabric (I’ll use it with pride), plus chocolate, an ‘Up and Running’ bag and discount voucher. The fabulous and friendly marshals deserve a special mention, we had a real laugh with them – they were lovely and really contributed to a ‘grand day out!”

Some photos:

Thank heavens … almost done!
Thank heavens … almost done!

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