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jogscotland 5K Challenges 2009



This Edinburgh event is now into its seventh year, and once again the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh kindly agreed to run the route through the gardens (this is not normally allowed!). The start and finish were located in Inverleith Park.  The route used most of the paths in the park, before crossing the road at Arboretum Place into the Gardens for 2 loops, then returned to Inverleith Park and before the end there was a quick visit down to the pond to see the swans!There were 2 starting times; 6.00pm for run 1 (729 runners) and 7.30pm for run 2 (820 runners).

Race Overall Race
Category (M/F)
Murdo Macleod 2 81 77 00:21:49
Fraser Paterson 2 108 101 00:22:25
George Maxwell 2 172 142 00:23:59
Susie Smith 1 172 37 00:24:19
Tracy Paterson 2 200 45 00:24:30
Fiona Mackenzie 2 251 71 00:25:50
Rosaleen Derham 2 256 74 00:26:07
Gillian Grant 1 266 80 00:26:38
Brendan Brodie 1 290 195 00:27:00
Nikki Russell 2 324 119 00:27:39
Eleanor Mackenzie 2 398 178 00:28:55
Krista Black 2 399 179 00:28:55
Gillian White 2 434 200 00:29:40
Ceana Mackenzie-Brodie 1 586 317 00:34:39
Fiona Mackenzie 1 587 318 00:34:39
Ceana Mackenzie-Brodie 2 723 422 00:38:30
Gwen Topping 1 662 381 00:42:19
Nickie Benn 1 663 382 00:42:20

Well done to all who took part. In particular congratulations to those of whom this was their first race and to Ceana and Fi who ran both races! Brendan didn’t chip but based on his estimated finishing time, his positions are a good approximation.

Gillian Grant said“It’s about the fourth year I’ve done it and as ever it was a pleasant summers night.  Two races to choose from, one  at 6pm and one at 7.30pm.  I followed my usual routine of running the first one and hanging around to cheer on people doing the second one.  Not my favourite distance.  Three miles is a long way to run as fast as you can, but it’s a nice route through the botanic gardens and the park.  Loads of familiar faces either running or spectating helped to take my mind off my puffing.   Managed it in about 26.40.  And my night was made when I won a spot prize, a rucksack. How excited was I. Don’t get much for nothing these days!”

Gillian White said” My only comment to add would be that it was a really good event for a first outing, it felt quite small & friendly so it wasn’t overwhelming for a newbie and set in such a lovely location too…although I can’t say I truly appreciated much of the Botanic’s on the way round!  Even with the wee hill in the gardens (which I was well-warned about!) and that last loop down to the duck pond, it was an enjoyable run and I was very pleased with my medal at the end!”

Some photos:

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