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An Alternative Sunday Run, Highlands



The Outsider festival was cancelled this year, along with the Outrunner 12km race. Some ERNs and friends decided to travel North anyway and while there run the race route.

Fi said: “The outsider festival in Rothiemurchus was cancelled along with the Outrunner which is billed as the most beautiful 12k in the UK, however a group of us decided to go to the north anyway, whether Pete Irvine deemed it economically viable or not. We also fancied running the quite aptly named most beautiful 12 k-well I did, & the others seemed quite keen. Well, when I say keen, they all appeared around 10 after a heavy night,to a greater or lesser extent . We’d managed to work out what the route might have been 2 years ago & running it under Sunday run conditions as opposed to race conditions made it even more lovely. Finding out at the end of the run that it was pissing down in Edinburgh was even sweeter!”


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