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Edinburgh Marathon 2009

Alan Reid
Alan Reid

Despite high temperatures and water shortages, six ERNs entered and completed this year’s Edinburgh marathon posting impressive times given the circumstances. Separately, two other ERNs ran with relay teams. This was a particularly challenging and serious run so mega credit and congratulations to all runners. Individuals and teams also raised considerable sums for their chosen charities.


Phil Humphries 740 00:43:49 01:34:35 02:18:47 03:28:05
Alan Reid 3806 00:54:21 01:58:46 02:51:10 04:18:47
Fiona Melvin 3824 00:54:42 02:00:25 02:55:26 04:19:01
Aisha Reid 4778 01:01:31 02:13:07 03:10:22 04:31:37
Willie Stobie 5410 00:55:49 02:01:00 02:59:56 04:42:19
Krista Black 6119 01:05:50 02:23:18 03:25:38 04:54:31

Marathon Relay

Place (945) Time
“Give us a Cheer for the Gear” 651 04:25:50
“Not Fast, Not Last” 684 04:29:38

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

The race started on Regent Road, through Holyrood Park – Lochend Road – Leith Links – Portobello – Musselburgh – Prestonpans – Cockenzie & Seton Sands before a loop round Gosford House Grounds and returning on the same route to finish at Musselburgh Race Course.

The Edinburgh Marathon was rated the fastest marathon in the UK by Runners World magazine. The course has an overall elevation drop of over 50m which should have made it a good course for those looking for a good time or a personal best.


The race this year was particularly hot, at least 22°C, and this was compounded by a lack of water. It would appear that some of the water stocks were stolen the night before the race and, given the heat, this ran out at some stations resulting in a lack of water for later runners. It would also appear that the Gosford House loop (almost 2 miles) was apparently cut off to slower runners, as the organisers were worried about heat exhaustion, which must have been particularly frustrating for those involved. However, the course is flat and the support from the marshals, police and spectators was excellent and universally appreciated.

Aicha said: “The Edinburgh marathon was great fun. We had the most fantastic weather for spectators which meant lots of cheery faces most of the way round helping the miles pass. A little bit less sunshine would have been welcomed by the runners but I think I preferred it to a headwind and rain. My time was 4:31:37 (PB) and likely to remain my marathon lifetime best as I don’t plan on doing it again. I was a bit sceptical about the course in advance because it doesn’t really spend much time in Edinburgh but on the day I really enjoyed the countryside scenery and spending so much time running along the coast. And there were no real hills which helped me get into a rhythm. The shortages of drinks were really frustrating and the spectators who gave water (thank you Ely!) were invaluable. I hope the organisers take this seriously and learn from it for future years. I would also recommend people arrange to meet up somewhere other than the ‘reunion area’ after spending a long time waiting there which was depressing because there was nothing there and it was isolated from the buzz of the racecourse. All in all, top fun!”

Krista said: “May 31st Edinburgh Marathon. I was watching the weather forecast like a hawk the week leading up to the marathon, hoping for a break in the weather. I have painful memories of running the Aberfeldy half in the heat with Brendan, being repeatedly passed by the paramedics as we ran along, thinking they were going to throw us in the back at any moment and didn’t fancy a similar experience.

With that in mind, when I woke up to clear skies and sunshine I decided to just relax, put on a hat, not worry about my time and enjoy the run. I arrived in town and realized that I should have worried a bit more about my time – I’d left my running watch at home! Laurence jumped in the car in a mad rush and met me at the start. Was great to have a chat with Alan, Aicha and two of their pals waiting to start off. How do we run into each other randomly in a crowd of 10,000? We wished each other a good run and went into our pens.

I had a good run overall but it could have been very different if it wasn’t for the running club and other folks along the route. Being without water at mile 3 and at two other water stops could have put a bit of a damper on my mood. I was lucky to be carrying a water bottle and it was kindly filled by Fiona at mile 3 and a few kindly spectators along the way. Seeing all of the supporters out with water and our running club members along the way was wonderful. Special thanks to Gillian!

I laughed when I saw my finish time! Exactly the same as last year +2 seconds!! So if I’d not had to stop and fill up water bottles I’m sure it would have been a pb! But am well chuffed to have crossed the finish line in the heat and look forward to seeing you guys over the summer! Loch ness anyone 😉

P.S. I’m attaching a picture of me and my stepdaughter Orla after the race. She’s my biggest fan and had decided we should make a wind chime from all of my medals =)

P.S.S I managed to raise £350 for Maggies so thanks to everyone who contributed.”

Geni said” I attach evidence of our Edinburgh marathon relay team in action (though not actually running!). We had 2 new runners (relay virgins) and, despite the race running out of water (- eek!) managed it in 4 hrs 25. So we’ll break no world records but did manage to raise good funds for MS charity so, who knows, we may go to heaven quicker.” {Team was Give us a Cheer for the Gear : Geni Smyth / Vicky Karkou / Lamia Shamma / Susan Arnott}

Heather said” Not sure who all did the Edinburgh marathon last weekend. I ran it with some work colleagues from the Scottish Government. Our team “Not Fast, Not Last” lived up to our name, and we finished in 4.29.38 in 679th place (revised to 684) for the relay teams.  It was a great day, though horribly hot for anyone doing the full 26.2, and the lack of water on the course was criminal. I did the race to raise money for the Scottish National Liver Unit at the ERI and the British Liver Trust and we have a website at www.justgiving.com/notfastnotlast  We’d be delighted if anyone from the club wants to donate to these good causes – we are on track so far to reach our target of raising £2,500.” {Team was Not Fast, Not last : Heather Jones /Lucy Smith / Alison Taylor / Jude White}

Some Photos: (additional photos available at Road Run Pics, here: roadrunpics)

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