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Black Rock ‘5’ 2009



A good turnout of ERNs at the popular Black Rock 5 which takes in an out-and-back run across the sands (at low tide!) of the Forth to the Black Rock from Kinghorn in Fife.

Place (730) Time
Phil Humphries 232 00:33:27
Gordon Faulkner 237 00:33:31
Tracy Paterson 421 00:38:07
Fiona Mackenzie 579 00:42:44
Brendan Brodie 597 00:42:07
Gillian Grant 625 00:43:42
Giuliano Broccato 644 00:44:22
Eleanor Mackenzie 661 00:45:17

Details of the race can be found at the event website at www.blackrock5.org   Well done to all.

Gillian said:  “On Fri night I was part of a huge ERN / Jog Scotland team outing taking part in the Black Rock Beach Race. I knew I was on the right train to Fife when I noticed almost all the passengers were wearing trainers! 

Kinghorn really welcomes runners. When we got off the train there was loads of locals out on the street ready to cheer us on. Changing facilities at the community centre are fine, if a tad crowded. Race starts in the village and heads onto the beach out to the Black Rock and back again. We were running through about six inches of water behind the rock but that’s all part of the fun. Finish line is at the top of a very steep little hill but by the time I got there (43.03) the support was awesome. All the village kids jumping up and down cheering us on. Race is sponsored by local pub and almost all the runners adjourned to the beer garden to enjoy the free bottle of beer the pub gives us prior to purchasing more beer and a hamburger. It was a lovely balmy night and the atmosphere was superb.”

Some Photos:

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