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Great Edinburgh Run 10K 2009



Great weather, sunny and breezy, saw nearly 8,000 runners take part in this annual 10km. The route was different this year due to the Tram project road-works and the fact that the Meadows hasn’t fully recovered from all of last year’s events. 20 ERNs plus friends took part posting some good times given the terrain, crowds and route. Well done to all. Note that Alan and Aicha had run the Edinburgh-North Berwick 20 miler the day before and still hadn’t got enough!

Also note that the original times shown on the Race Web-Site have subsequently been amended (some by 1 second but others by over a minute!) and have been reflected below.
Overall Position
Age Group
Gordon Faulkner 686 100 642 00:45:41
Chris March 897 71 72 00:46:57
Alan Reid 1422 234 158 00:49:15
Carol Stirrat 1628 267 205 00:50:04
Maria Ieva 1955 1090 275 00:51:16
Maria Curtin 2355 1296 384 00:52:46
Joanne Forbes 2606 1421 451 00:53:38
Charlie Francis 3863 321 2921 00:57:37
Rosaleen Derham 3952 526 980 00:57:55
Alan Taylor 3984 2117 2984 00:57:58
Gillian Grant 4066 338 1047 00:58:12
Karen Urquhart 4161 2193 1093 00:58:29
Giuliano Broccato 4736 645 3349 01:00:11
Siobhan ni Choilean 4935 2581 1502 01:00:50
Krista Black 5671 889 1938 01:03:27
Karen Macsween 6627 932 2571 01:08:14
Katherine Macsween 6628 3366 2572 01:08:14
Geni Smyth 6734 950 2635 01:08:42
Heather Jones 6926 975 2776 01:10:26
Aicha Reid 7257 3648 3011 01:14:12

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Jo said: “This was my first Edinburgh 10k which I ran with my dad, George IV bridge was a very busy start with lots of supporters, I spoke with one lady who said the meadows was much better as a start area. After the warm up we got off to a great start with a nice downhill down the Mound along past the gardens round to the Canongate towards the parliament. There was fantastic support along the whole route with pipers at each km marker and music every 3rd km. The first major hill was up Arthurs Seat which I knew from Tuesday nights is a tough slog, but we got our heads down and managed it and it was lovely to see Fi/Gordon & Keana at the bottom and Murdo welcomed us at the top! The sun shone the whole way which made it quite hot but was lovely all the same!!!

A great run which is always popular, nice to see such great turn out but it is very hilly which I was prepared for. Think me and my dad will be back next year for a great local run with a great goody bag!”

Chris said: ” Re the 10k – yes it was a PB. My watch time noted 46:57 and the other folks I knew running also noted that their times were different from those on the BUPA website; in all cases it seems that our watch times were just short of a minute slower than the times on the website. I’ve been on the Runner’s World website and there are a few comments noting the same thing – so what has happened there with the new chips who knows!   The first couple of k – until about the Parliament were really crowded – but it felt so much better getting to Queen’s Drive earlier – before the run I had thought it would have been worse, but it actually was just right for me – my legs were warmed up but still had enough energy to run at a very steady pace up the hill. I think hitting West Port that little bit earlier helped too as that can be a bit grim. The last 3k at the end running around Melville Drive and to the finish were great – plenty of room and loads of spectators clapping and shouting who really kept you going.   But I totally agree with you – the finish in the middle meadow is just the best and having all that space to spread out afterwards is perfect. It took me and my chums ages to find each other at the end on the Royal Mile even though we’d arranged to meet at a specific point. One of my chums was spectating and it took her ages to make her way through the crowds. Hope our ‘regular route’ will be returned next year – or some alternative combination taking the best bits of the two!”

Aicha said: “Attached 2 photos (see below) – One of my friend Nicola Cameron who ran 01:13:15 (PB) with me and one of Alan and me with Nicola and Derek Russell who ran 00:52:42 (PB). It was both their first 10k race and all four of us really enjoyed the event, especially the beautiful weather. Nicola and I were in the pink wave and by that time people had thinned out so there was no crush at Princes St Gardens like other folk had. Maybe a tip for next year – start in a later wave to avoid the crowds? Also, Nicola and I were captured on the live TV coverage cheering at the top of the Queens Drive hill!”

Gillian said: “As I live very local to George 1V Bridge I always had my doubts about the practicalities of squeezing about eight thousand runners into it. And I was proved right. Arrived in plenty of time and squeezed my way up the pavement to get into position prior to the start. It was all a bit fraught. I ended up right at the back of a pen. Proved less than ideal. Over the gantry, 30 seconds running then everyone in front of me stopped. Another wee run then another stop and so it went on to the far end of Princes St Gardens. First km took me nearly 8 minutes. How-ever it got better after that, even the hill in Queens Park didn’t seem as bad as last year. Worst bit was the hill at the end of the Grass-market, a short sharp shock to the system. Best bit was running along the side of the meadows admiring the cherry blossom on the trees knowing the end was (nearly) in sight. Ninth time I’ve done this race and public support was the best I’ve ever seen by a long, long way. Especially at the end, legging it down George IV Bridge to the gantry. Bit of a jam waiting for medals etc. How-ever the good definitely outweighed the bad and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a scenic challenging 10k. Just don’t look on it as a potential PB course cause it’s way too undulating for that.”

Some photos: (including some from RoadRunPics where there are lots more)

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