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Easter Run/Hunt/Quiz, Portobello

The winners, Fi and Fiona -
The winners, Fi and Fiona – “Fiona Power!”
The green boots in the
The green boots in the “Shoe Tree”

A bright Easter Sunday morning witnessed the inaugural ERN Run/Hunt/Quiz. Based from Portobello Swim Centre, teams of two tried to collect as many points as possible within the allocated hour period. Points were also deducted for each minute you were late back! You can see the results along with some photos below. The furthest clues were worth more points, with a potential total of 56 on offer, but as the clues were widely spread out over the area, the canny selection of routes was as important as speed. Congratulations to Fiona and Fi, the “Fiona Power” team, who took their time in planning; thereby winning the close fought contest. Thanks to Jo, Krista and Murdo for administrating the event. As it was a lovely day, some ERNs subsequently retired to the nearby Dalriada pub for some frothies in the sunny beer-garden – A bit different and good fun all round.

Points Penalty Total Position
A Tracy and Fraser Paterson and Buffy Hall 22 0 22 5
B Fi Mackenzie and Fiona Melvin 43 0 43 1
C Phil Humphries and Elly Mackenzie 42 -3 39 3
D Ellie Barnard and Neil Page 33 0 33 4
E Gillian Grant and the cyclists (Gordon Faulkner and Gordon Purves) 40 0 40 2

Some photos:

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