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Portobello Promathon 4 Mile Road Race 2009


On an unusually bright, clear and still New Year’s morning, some brave ERN souls turned up at Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home to take part in their first event of the year – the annual Portobello Promathon. The good weather (and clear heads?) allowed for some very respectable times. Well done and Happy New Year to one and all.

Place (277) Time
Phil Humphries 70 00:25:07
Willie Stobie 194 00:29:57
Fiona Mackenzie 243 00:33:46

Fi said:

“No rain at all this year & very little wind-isn’t that cheating?-great race every new year, so local it would seem rude not to pop along. Spent the first mile ‘sprinting ‘ with a lady which possibly accounts for the slightly improved time ! so 33.45 by my watch, Phil did well too, not sure of time but I’m sure it will be on the website eventually”

Phil said:

” Fi definitely looks more comfortable than me. I was absolutely wacked by the finish – it’s amazing how hard a 4 mile run can be when your body’s used to running longer distances and that’s my only excuse coz I wasn’t out drinking on new year’s eve, so can’t blame on a hangover !”

Some photos:

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