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Templeton 10 Mile Road Race 2008



Murdo Macleod took part in this excellent, if humply, road race held on the outskirts of Dundee. A clear, bright autumn morning made sure there was a full field. Well organised, quiet roads and a challenging route (especially after the 10km yesterday) made for a good race. Thanks to Dundee Road Runners for putting on the event, very enjoyable – recommended.

Position (302) Category Position Time
Murdo Macleod 199 50 (MV) 01:24:32

Murdo said: “After a very filling dinner at Henderson’s Bistro, we drove to Dundee and stayed overnight. The registration is at the Gym on Ward Road in the centre of the city. Entries were taken on the day and buses were also laid on to take you from there to the start and back again from the finish. As you’re sent your number beforehand, you don’t need to go to the gym unless you want a lift. We went anyway, just in case! but then drove to the start at Templeton Woods which is a few miles away, crossing the Kingsway, on the outskirts of Dundee. There’s limited parking here but we got there about 30 minutes before the start so wasn’t a problem. The start is on the road and is downhill for the first mile towards Dronley then it’s humply but mostly up for the next few miles including some sharp climbs. There was a water stop at 4.5 miles and after the 5 mile point, the road turned downwards until the 8th mile and then back and up to the start point where you join the trails in Templeton Woods with 800m to go, still up apart from the final 200m which are level. The finish is through the woods near Clatto reservoir where there is also parking and return buses available. On completion, you got a bottle of water and some recovery drinks plus a good quality hat (aptly by Hilly) with the race logo on it. A nice and useful memento. The weather was clear, very sunny and I’d recommend sunglasses as you run into the low sun on a number of long stretches and the light also bounces of the any moisture or frost on the road.

I enjoyed the run, although it was undoubtedly challenging; very quiet and good conditioned roads, well organised and no fuss. Wasn’t chipped but times were accurate. Met a friend, Lucie Hamblett, who has just joined Fi’s classes and good to see her doing so well on what wasn’t an easy course. Recommended”

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