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Marine Corp Marathon 2008


Charlie Francis journeyed to the USA to participate in the 33rd running of this great marathon, the 4th largest in the USA and the 8th largest in the world. Known as the “people’s marathon” for it’s no money prizes policy, Charlie had a great race and you can see how he got on below. Congratulations and well done.

Position (18,266) Category Position Time
Charlie Francis 14,247 766 05:20:23

Charlie said:   “Just a few words to let you know about the marathon. It was a really well run event with a top quality t-shirt medal and commerative coin with your supersize goody bag. The event started at 8am so when you arrived at the start it was strange with being pitch black. We were met going into the runners village by marines who checked your bags by torch light. The pre run entertaiment was strange with singing of star spangled banner, then a chaplian saying a prayer followed by a helicopter flypass, after which we set of to strains of the Marine Hymn (sands of Iwoa Jima). On the course the views were great, the big thing was to beat the bridge at 20miles before the Washington roads reopened. As we headed back to Crystal City the support from the crowds was great and the troops were very good at giving encouragement. Wasn’t to struck on the last two miles – when you got to the pentagon they don’t like supporters so it was very quiet. The last mile was down a highway but once you got to the finish it was great althought it had a cheeky little hill to get to the war memorial. After the race, they had a rock concert in Rosslyn, great day out would recommend a visit.

Well worth the effort and Washington is a great city to visit”

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