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DRAM – Dundee Running Adventure Marathon 2008


An excellent turnout at this event allowed two ERN relay teams and two individual runners to take part. This was a genuinely different race but very enjoyable being on trails, paths, pavements and roads and going through woods, urban and rural areas, beach front and docks. Well marshalled and supported, everyone had an excellent day out with the relay teams in under 4.30 and Phil Humphries winning a prize for first male veteran and third overall – congratulations and well done to all.

Place: Overall/Category/Field Category Time
Phil Humphries 3/1/75 MV 03:23:35
Murdo Macleod 51/13/75 MV 04:26:24
Fiona Mackenzie 11/15 Relay Team 1 04:26:24
Joanne Forbes
Elaine Sandeman
Gillian Grant 12/15 Relay Team 2 04:26:24
Fiona Melvin
Eleanor Mackenzie

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Murdo wrote: “Everyone met up around 9am at Camperdown Country Park, just to the North of Dundee where you had to sign on and collect your race number and pins. There was a short delay waiting for marshals and first-aiders before we got a short briefing from the race organiser and headed to the start beside the mansion house. The first few miles were through Camperdown firstly on roads then on trails as we crossed the main road into Templeton woods and on to Clatto Country Park. Fi and Gillian kept me company on this leg, Phil having long disappeared into the distance – he’s some machine at the moment. This was a lovely section, mostly uphill but the legs were still fresh. We passed a lovely pond with swans and ducks at Trottick Mill Ponds Local Nature Reserve but as I didn’t take a photo, Fi suggested that we draw it later. All the junctions were marshalled by Police, Air Training Corps cadets or motorcycle riders with stewarded waterstops every 4 miles or so. The later ones had Haribo sweeties as well (nice touch). We continued on a variety of paths and cycle-paths past Mitchelin windmills (8 miles) to the changeover at Sainsbury’s car park where Fiona and Jo were waiting.

Following the hand-over of the key rings (instead of a baton), we left following mostly on pavements through some nice areas of urban Dundee to Broughty Ferry, nice area with some lovely seaside architecture, crossing over a railway bridge and down onto the shore side walkway. This was particularly attractive part of the route with the Tay on our left as we ran back to Dundee via Broughty Ferry. We reached the halfway point at the “Glass Pavilion” restaurant in just over two hours and then on to Broughty Castle (obligatory photo stop) then on past the Tay Yacht Club towards the dock area and the next changeover. Jo and Fiona were wondering where the next-leg runners were but they’d only moved on to get a better parking and changeover point although that didn’t stop Jo having a shout!

Elaine and Ely took over at this point and on we went through the redeveloped dock area past new flats, H.M Frigate Unicorn and R.R.S Discovery (obligatory photo stop) on to the waterfront and past the Tay bridges, onto pavements and past the University playing fields, Dundee Airport and Riverside Nature Park (21 miles) before turning inland (and upwards!) towards the Technology Park and following paths beside the Kingsway city bypass before turning into Camperdown Country Park (25 miles) and again through the trees to the finish at Camperdown House. As we approached, we heard the cheers of the other runners in the ERN teams who joined us for the last 50 metres – brilliant. We all finished under the four and a half hour mark which was the aim and we found out that Phil had finished around the 3.13 mark which is a fantastic but ridiculously fast time given the varied terrain and the (humply) nature of the course.

We stayed behind for the prize giving but this was delayed as the organizer was also taking finishing times. Fi gave me a Caramel Wafer – yummy – as we waited. Eventually, he went into the event caravan to pore over the results and emerged to hand out the prizes. Phil was awarded the first male veteran prize, although not until after the results were subject to a steward enquiry, and received a nice engraved cube memento. Fantastic achievement and well deserved. God only knows what time he’ll do in Amsterdam!

Many thanks to the D.R.A.M organizers for an excellent and different event; we all enjoyed it and hopefully will be back next year. Also thanks to all the marshals; Police, Cadets, stewards and motorcyclists as well as the many people out on the road (some with jelly-babies!) who supported and cheered the runners.”

Some photos below:

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