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Great Scottish Run Glasgow Half Marathon 2008



Joanne Forbes and Murdo Macleod went through to Glasgow for this lovely half marathon. As always, well organized, well supported with nice varied scenery. What more could you want – Oh yes, and it stayed dry! Despite blisters and toilet stops, all in under two hours – well done. Recommended if you haven’t done it before.

Place (7046) Time
Murdo Macleod 2387 01:50:25
John Forbes 3860 01:59:44
Joanne Forbes 3863 01:59:44

Jo said “Well this was my second Glasgow Half and I ran it this year with my Dad, his motivation was to loose some weight and generally get fitter, he used to enjoy running marathons when he was younger. The race got off to a good start, the route changed slightly at the start with a couple of long hills to get you onto the kingston bridge with some amazing views of Glasgow and the bagpipes were still there to keep you going at each mile. I had a slightly embarrassing moment when the photographer from ‘Roadrunpics’ remembered me!! I’m not shy to admit that I do try to be aware of any photo opportunity during a race but when I smiled at him this time he shouted ‘I recognise you!’ Oh well! The weather was great, quite chilled with a breeze at times. The first 8 miles went well, even managing to spot Murdo up ahead in front of me so we were definitely making good time! By the 9th/10th mile I was starting to struggle, think the faster pace may have been getting to me, plus I had an aching stitch. Slowed down a bit, kept stretching my stitch out and had to make a toilet stop which lost us time but after that I knew the end was near and tried to keep running, my dad was doing amazingly and certainly kept me going!! Managed a sprint finish as we were desperate to make it under the 2hr mark, which we did with nearly a minute to spare! Knocked 10 minutes off my time from last year so I am very happy!!! Great goody bag and got another goody bag from the MS society as we were raising some money for them! Overall a great run and fantastic to run in my home city with all my family turning out to support us!”

Murdo Said “I agree with what Jo says; I really enjoy this race, very well organized, good support and varied scenery. I struggled a bit near the end due to lack of running over the last few weeks but made it in under the two hours. Wore some double-skin blister prevention socks but they ended up ripping my feet to bits – certainly didn’t work for me. Large blisters on both arches, one of which got skinned about mile 10! Didn’t know they were so bad until I took my shoes off and saw the blood. Thankfully I was right next to the ambulance parking area and a kind man noticed and put a dressing on complete with nice bow. Didn’t detract from an excellent race. Don’t be put off by the large scale of the event, Glasgow makes it friendly and welcoming. If you haven’t done it, have a go next year, well worth it.”

Some photos below including some from roadrunpicswhere there are a lot more:

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