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jogscotland 5K Challenge 2008



This Edinburgh event is now into its sixth year, and once again the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh kindly agreed to run the route through the gardens (this is not normally allowed!). The start and finish were located in Inverleith Park.  The route used most of the paths in the park, before crossing the road at Arboretum Place into the Gardens for 2 loops, then returned to Inverleith Park and before the end there was a quick visit down to the pond to see the swans!

Race Rank Time
Gordon Faulkner 1 36 00:21:53
Gillian Grant 1 203 00:25:56
Joanne Forbes 2 190 00:26:08
Fiona Mackenzie 2 191 00:26:10
Grace Faulkner 1 270 00:27:35
Phil Humphries 2 314 00:29:08
Eleanor Mackenzie 2 315 00:29:08
Ceana Mackenzie-Brodie 2 554 00:35:30

Gillian said” Was a lovely sunny night. 25.56 minutes runnning was followed by an hour and a half’s socialising with a ham burger and a tin of cider for company. So many familier faces.  Course was re jigged from previous years and I thought it was an improvement.  Not so much doubling backwards and forwards.  Great way to spend a Wed Night”

Some Photos:

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