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Edinburgh Marathon 2008



Phil, Gillian, Adrienne and Krista took part in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon, all posting impressive times and looking remarkably fresh at the finish. The weather mostly stayed dry but the wind was in their face’s until the turn at Gosford House. Well done to all and congratulations to those that achived PB’s. Nearly 7,000 started the full marathon on Regent Road, supplemented by Hairy-Haggis Relay-runners, running down to the coast and out to East Lothian before turning back to finish at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Place (6612) Time (10K) Time (Half) Time (30K) Time
Phil Humphries 353 00:43:55 01:34:15 02:15:22 03:12:43
Gillian Grant 4554 01:03:15 02:15:31 03:14:00 04:31:54
Adrienne Murray 4857 01:03:15 02:15:31 03:14:00 04:39:09
Krista Black 5428 01:04:32 02:18:24 03:23:05 04:54:29

Times in red = distance PB, blue = course PB and green = first race over distance.

Phil said:   “Edinburgh marathon went really well and I was chuffed with my PB of 3:12:43 (target was to finish in under 3hr 15). A very different course to the one I ran on my debut marathon 2 year ago. Although a little cramped at the start at Regent Road (allegedly there where 10,000 + runners)  the down-hill start enabled an easy glide into the required race pace. There was lots of support from some familiar faces along the way, and the simple coastal course with long straights and no hills to speak of  was tailor-made for fast time. Apart from being exposed to air-borne sand along Portobello Prom the north-easterly breeze was welcome as it kept the body cool on the way out to Gosford House, and after turning round provided a gentle nudge in the direction of the finish. Felt unexpectadly strong right up to the 23 mile mark when my energy levels started to drop and the legs to seize up a bit, but still managed a ungainly sprint over the final 100yds once I could hear the crowds and smell the finish line. Received a huge wrecking-ball of a medal at the finish, which could probably double up as a training aid for neck muscles !”

Gillian said: “Well, we lived to tell the tale. Sunday morning dawned grey and chilly. Adrienne and I wound our merry way down to Regent Road for 8.45am sharp.  Most disorganised start in  all the years I’ve done this marathon.  Toilets on both sides of the roads meant lines of people right across the road which you had to work your way through, a sound system no-body could hear, supporters and their dogs allowed into the runner’s pens and a delayed start !!

But we finally set off just as the wind picked up, 18 miles of running into it was an interesting experience, but we got the occasional shower of rain to take our minds of it.  Then about mile 20 just as we turned round and headed back to Musselburgh the sun came out so weather wise we got everything. Not sure how long they can get away with calling it The Edinburgh Marathon.  It’s really the East  Lothian Marathon and could be marketed very successfully as such.  Flat scenic course with some amazing  views across the Forth.  Support was first class, loads more people out and about than in previous years.  Plenty water stations and Lucozade available.  I enjoyed the first 23 miles then ran out of energy and lurched the rest of the way back.  Have never been so glad to finish a race in my life. My time was 4.31. 15 mins slower than last year but such is life.  Adrienne in contrast got a PB of 4.39 and enjoyed every minute of it. Adrienne was pleased with her PB but equally pleased with the fact she raised just over £776 for Cancer Research UK.

Special thanks must go to the Jog Scotland support team.  Brendan, Fiona, George and Colin.  It was great to see their wee smiley faces dotted round the course. Goody back which had to be collected at the Expo held on the Friday and Saturday contained quite a nice T shirt, leaflets, cereal bar, a mini deodorant and two raw tatties (was sponsored by a potato growing firm).  Not the best goody bag ever but it’s a good big solid medal and I suppose that’s more important.”

Krista said: “Someone said, ‘ Just think of it as a long run with loads of friends.’ And it was!  Nice to see Gillian, Adrienne and Norrie at the start. Fi and clan at mile 4, with everyone else along the way.  Feel chuffed to have done it and shaved 10 minutes off my last time.  Had a good start to the morning with a coffee and a newspaper, civilized loos (at the café) and a leisurely stroll to the start.

Legs started to feel like jelly about mile 22 but mostly downhill to the end and the thought of the finish kept one foot in front of the other.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy to see the finish line.  I’d like a word with the people that decided to have gravel then an artificial surface for the last half a mile.  It felt a bit like an obstacle course on tired legs!  But hey, 26.2 is a long way and well done all those that finished.  Raised £435 for our charity – Maggies!”

Some Photos below: (additional photos available at Road Run Pics, here: roadrunpics)

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